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IRC Channel

The Amigans.net IRC channel #amigans can be reached by using your favourite IRC client and then connect to any of the following irc servers:

- irc.amigaworld.net
- openamiga.org
- irc.amigans.net
- se2.amigaworld.net

Port 1024 is available in case you can't use the standard irc ports from your location.

Once joined you can use the command "/join #amigans" to join the channel.

Other channels of interest:
#amigadev- For developers
#safir- For swedish amiga users
#openamiga- OpenAmiga.org channel
#os4depot- OS4Depot.net channel
#amigaworld- AmigaWorld.net channel

Other useful commands:

"/nick NewNick" - Changes you nickname to "NewNick"