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AmigaOne X1000 CPU RevealedPosted by rigo at 20101223 21:49
London, 21st December 2010

AmigaOne X1000 CPU revealed - the cake is no lie!

A-EON Technology is pleased to finally reveal the identity of the mystery CPU powering the AmigaOne X1000. It's none other than the uber cool PWRficient PA6T processor developed by fabless chip designer PA Semi.
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328gtsX100020101224 14:32  #453
A-Eon/ Trevor...PLEASE consider selling just the MB
TSKRe: X100020101224 14:52  #455

You don't want the cake with it ?! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) :-D :-D
328gtsRe: X100020101225 18:00  #468

hehe..could use the boing socks but not much for sweets me self :-)

poweramigaRe: X100020101229 00:33  #550

Better still just sell me a working X1000 now :) i need it for my sanity :D
AntiqueRe: X100020101229 20:07  #571

And please, clock it at 2.0ghz. Sounds so much better than 1.8... :-P
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