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LhA 2.14 urgent bugfix releasePosted by orgin at 20110102 19:20
Sven Ottemann has updated LhA to fix an issue with file datestamps for 2011. It is highly recommended for all users to update LhA to the new version, but especially important for users creating archives.

The new version is available on OS4Depot and Aminet.
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AntiqueRe:LhA 2.14 urgent bugfix release20110103 20:17  #715
Nice work. :-)
chrisLhA 2.1520110103 23:01  #721
Has now been updated to 2.15, at the above OS4Depot link or Aminet
chrisxadmaster.library LhA bug20110104 01:29  #729
xadmaster.library has a bug where it translates spaces to underscores in certain circumstances. I've compiled the fixed version of the internal LhA client, as an external one (for OS4) which fixes the issue:

PhantomRe: xadmaster.library LhA bug20110104 14:15  #736

Thanks for the update Chris.
samo79Re: xadmaster.library LhA bug20110104 21:52  #745

Thanks :-)

PhantomRe: xadmaster.library LhA bug20110105 20:55  #761

AmiUpdate found the lha.lha archive for an update, but it wants to update it into Libs:XAD which is wrong I think. The aforementioned archive is the executable which goes in C:, while the xad_lha.lha archive is the correct one.
chrisRe: xadmaster.library LhA bug20110105 22:33  #767

xad_lha shouldn't be (and isn't) in AmiUpdate's database, for two reasons:
a) AmiUpdate has no way of checking the version of a xadmaster.library internal module.
b) This is a temporary fix until xadmaster.library is recompiled.

Note that some people are reporting problems with it (ISI in LhA_GetInfo)
rigoRe: xadmaster.library LhA bug20110106 13:16  #774

a) AmiUpdate has no way of checking the version of a xadmaster.library internal module.

I'm not too sure what you mean here, but the modules I checked all have version strings, and as such there is no problem letting AmiUpdate interogate them. The database would simply list the updates target as "libs:xad/xxx".

chrisRe: xadmaster.library LhA bug20110106 20:54  #783

Yes, I know that, and it works - I use it for my other ones.

However, this module replaces one internal to xadmaster.library (1.13).

AmiUpdate will have no way of interrogating xadmaster.library to find out the version of anything not marked as "EXTERN" in the xadLibInfo list.

Actually I think xadmaster.library ignores external modules that have the same or lower version number than the internal module they replace, so maybe it doesn't matter.

(but I still maintain this is a temporary fix)
rigoRe: xadmaster.library LhA bug20110107 02:42  #788

I see, well thanks for theclarification

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