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HyperBench released for AmigaOS v4+Posted by orgin at 20110107 09:29
Finland - 5 January, 2011

HyperBench released for AmigaOS version 4 (or better). HyperBench was formerly known as YetAnotherDesk.

HyperBench is a sort of Workbench clone. It's possible to run it on any public screen and it's possible to run as many copies of it as there's enough free RAM. You can call this as "virtual desktops" or "spaces" of Amiga. HyperBench is one executable and it does not replace any system files.
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328gtssounds cool but..20110110 16:22  #875
hey this sounds very interesting though I must admit I'm a bit weary to try it out as I'm worried it'll mess up my current WB which ahs taken me quute a while to presonalize it 'just right'
TSKRe: sounds cool but..20110111 13:26  #891

Don't worry to test it.
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