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Hyperion Blog Update: AmigaOS 4.1 Classic Promo videoPosted by orgin at 20110107 09:30
Message from Darren Eveland:
I have updated the Hyperion blog with a new AmigaOS 4.1 Classic promo (unofficial) video.


Enjoy and turn up your speakers :)
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nubechecorrenice20110107 12:51  #790
nice video, hope february arrives soon ;-)


i tried to subscribe to hyperion's blog but i wasn't able as i got an error in the page, can you check it? :-)

TroelsRe: nice20110108 11:55  #826
Looks quite fast thinking about what it's running on.
I hope there's actually a market and all classic PPC owners will upgrade (and get ZorRAM from Amikit as well).

magicRe: nice20110108 13:03  #827
No offense, but using windows movie maker kind of = sucks and poor promotion. Sorry but its true, try to learn to use windows movie maker i.e change background to black instead of the default blue before posting a video. If you need help with making videos, pm me I am willing to help.
PhantomRe: nice20110108 13:17  #828

Where is SRec? :-P
kas1eRe: nice20110108 13:39  #831
Looks like HP blog owned by Darrien :) If there is no beta-testers who can posts news about new features, all those radeons, gallium/mesa, etc ? Just to be like "developer blog", not like one more news site. For example something on which stage now that and that, on which and who works. Will be there at last new shell or not, fixed usb, cross-dos fixes , and so on. Something more actual in other words :) Just "blog" where some more info, and not only about classics.

Btw, that promo-video are fine, but first one was more interesting. Because was more technical. It was more indeed as developer news, but promo-video more like PR-news for all the sites before sales.
magicRe: nice20110109 18:02  #848

Fine? come on! Windows movie maker? even a five year old could do a better job than that!
kas1eRe: nice20110109 18:38  #850

I just say "fine" because to not broken fun of Darien :) For me that video in reality even make no sense, because all what is need for classic users, already can be seen from the first video, and all those music at background and showing nothing only moving of the windowses for PR also very bad. But maybe someone like such small-primitive vids, so i say "fine" :)
magicRe: nice20110109 19:57  #852

Ok i gotcha :)
salass00Re: nice20110110 12:23  #870

Where is SRec? :-P

samo79Re: nice20110110 13:35  #873

This video is like a promotional spot, it doesn't need to show the entire system functionalities (for this you can grab other videos), see it like this, nothing more :-)

About the blog itself i'm with you, in the upcoming days i would like to see some new videos/info about OS4 on Sam460/x1000 and more ever somethings about AmigaOS 4.1 Update 3 !!
PhantomRe: nice20110110 16:07  #874

LOL... I didn't mean that... :-P
DarrenHDRe: nice20110110 20:08  #876

The second video (the promo one) is actually several months older than the first video. It was just made by me because I was so excited things were starting to come together with AmigaOS 4.1 for Classics, so naturally I wanted to "show it off". I didn't get permission until much later to actually post it.

It's meant to be a "teaser" video and thus not show all the features, but just to get people interested in the product.

The second video shows more and is running on a much more recent beta version.

Anyway, I hope users will like the videos, but you can't please everyone :)
kas1eRe: nice20110110 20:22  #877

Well, maybe better idea was just not post it on blog, just make a topic like "there is my older video, which i by some reassons do not show before". Or just give it to rest (if it was older). Not big deal, but a bit strange to post new video, and after that, old one , which by logica should show something more interesting than first one, but was not :)

Just a bid bad move imho for good PR :) Better way was to make new PR video, where you run some apps, games, etc, etc. I.e. which will interest users more.

But in general not big deal, just classic amiga-mess :)
DarrenHDRe: nice20110110 20:31  #878

Yeah, I haven't had time to make a new video, and probably won't, since I've been tasked with a few other things for the final push for the Classic release.

Anyway it shouldn't be too long before everyone can make their own videos ;)

But as always, "When it's done!" :)
kas1eRe: nice20110110 20:32  #879

Are you also beta-tester on more modern HW ? Or only classic ? Just in interest about some news related to upcoming update.
DarrenHDRe: nice20110111 19:11  #897

I test on all hardware I own (Peg-2, MicroA1m, Classic), but at the moment my focus has been on the Classic.

Right now the priorities are SAM 460, Classic, and X1000.
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