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AMC v1.22 ReleasedPosted by orgin at 20110123 21:18
Message from Fabio Falcucci (Allanon):
AMC v1.22 has been finally released!
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AllanonI've forgotten to say...20110123 21:55  #1317
[X--] = AROS
[-X-] = AmigaOS4
samo79Re: I've forgotten to say...20110123 22:16  #1318

Ehm maybe it was simple put instead:


AllanonRe: I've forgotten to say...20110123 22:42  #1321
Yes but too long ;)
[AROS, AMIGA, MORPHOS] bla bla bla
it's better [---] ;)

SMFNice! but...20110126 07:36  #1399
AMC seems to have problems when being installed into directories with spaces in the name.

I liked this software very much but it was a little too slow on my current OS4 machine(peg2@1ghz Radeon 9250) when using my usual monitor resolution@1920x1080 and our mplayer needs some work too. I also tested it quickly with 1024x768 and then it worked fast enough when browsing around the menus.

I would love to use my spare os4 system as a mediacenter with AMC if i could connect it to my old crt TV in a simple way.
AllanonRe: Nice! but...20110126 10:18  #1402
have you tried to load one of the "LessFX" themes? These theme switches off many fx so you can browse the menu faster and smoother.
I'm using without problem on my SAM440ep @667 (1280x1024), so it should work fine with you too.
SlowCPU flag + LessFX theme can improve usability a lot on slow machines like mine.

Anyway SlowCPU should enabled by default, please check in the AMC icon tooltypes.

About MPlayer I hope Varthall will enhance OS4 mplayer soon :)

About directories with spaces (during install), I'll fix this in the next release, thank you for the report :)

EDIT: Added my system res
TSKRe: Nice! but...20110126 18:29  #1411

It would be nice if the demo version saved that LessFX theme and language prefs so one don't have to do these two steps everytime like when testing language translations.
SMFRe: Nice! but...20110126 22:19  #1414

You're right. It's running fine at 1920x1080 now :) so now it's time to test this more!

AllanonRe: Nice! but...20110126 22:38  #1416
there is still a contest for everyone who translate the catalog for a not yet supported language ;)
See here for further details:
Just post on AMC forum that you want to translate the catalog for a new language and you will get a free key to register AMC :)

The theme should be saved once selected until you change again to another theme, unless there is a hidden bug...

Please open the file "/themes/CurrentTheme.ath" to check the currently active theme in the first line, if there is another name then the one you have selected there could be a bug...
EDIT: I've noticed that you have submitted a post on AMC forum about finnish translation, if you intend to translate the catalog then you will receive a free key :)

Please write to info@a-mc.biz to claim your free key ;)
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