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Sam460ex available with AmigaOS 4.1Posted by elwood at 20110127 23:59
ACube Systems Srl is pleased to announce the immediate release of Hyperion's AmigaOS 4.1 Update 2 for Sam460ex. Boards and installation CDs are now shipping to resellers.

Bassano del Grappa, Italy - 27 Jan, 2011

ACube Systems Srl is pleased to announce the immediate release of Hyperion's AmigaOS 4.1 Update 2 for Sam460ex. Boards and installation CDs are now shipping to resellers.

The board is running at 1.15 Ghz and allows all Amigans to use modern graphic cards thanks to its PCI express slot.
Other features include: 7 USB ports and Gigabit ethernet.

The board is available at a suggested price of 749,00 EUR (including AmigaOS 4.1).
Price excludes local taxes and shipping costs.
Sam460ex AmigaOS 4.1 version:

The version of AmigaOS 4 that will be shipped with the Sam460ex is still to be considered beta. It is made from AmigaOS 4.1 Update 2 on which specific components for Sam460ex were added.
You will still have a valid AmigaOS 4 licence that allows you to download the next AmigaOS update when it will be available from Hyperion Entertainment.
Notes about the AmigaOS 4.1 CD currently shipping with Sam460ex

Currently RadeonHD driver supports the following chipsets with full 2D hardware acceleration and DDC:

* R500 (with compositing support) - Radeon X1550, X1650, X1950 and others
* R600 - Radeon HD 2400 - HD 3450 - HD 3650 and others
* R700 - Radeon HD 4350 - HD 4650

The audio driver will be released on OS4depot as soon as it is ready.

The driver for the onboard SATA port is still experimental. It is not loaded by the kicklayout file but you still can use it (at your own risk). It is located in Devs: and you can use it through Mounter.

The final version will be released with an OS update. In the meantime we suggest to use a Silicon Image 3512 PCI card or an USB-SATA combo PCI card with a Silicon Image chip.

Please read the manual for more information on the board.

It was a very long road and we wish to thank everyone for your patience and support.

Original post
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slayerAwesome!20110128 12:07  #1439
Very cool bananas!
cha05e90Other SATA-Controllers20110128 12:50  #1440
Will other sil SATA controllers work (i.e. the very common 3112, 3114)?
ChrisH1.15Ghz20110128 14:24  #1442
1.15GHz sounds good. If I wasn't already planning to get an X1000, then I'd definely get a Sam460...
328gtsYAHOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!20110128 14:46  #1443
just awesome news!!! big thanks to ACube yet again :-)

what I really want to know is can I have my pci sound card and pci CWMK4+ installed along with my SATA HD and SATA DVD drives ??
SinanRe: Other SATA-Controllers20110128 16:32  #1448

Yes Sil3112, Sil3114 and Sil3512 works. I tried all of them :)
But I can say that Sil3512 is the best one...
328gtsRe: Other SATA-Controllers20110128 16:49  #1449

ok thats great fo the SATA drives but what about adding more pci slots?? is there any extender card cause I want to use my CW and M-Audio Revolution PCI sound cards too ??

kas1eRe: Other SATA-Controllers20110128 19:45  #1456

What about some tests of sam460 about which i ask you some times already ?:) Or there is some problems which avoid you to do that ?
SinanRe: Other SATA-Controllers20110128 21:15  #1459

Unfortunately I am away from Sam460 for 6 days.I guess I will be able to use it this Sunday.

Up to now I have tested Freespace on software-driver and SuperTuxKart with Wazp3D (that unsupported software driver for MiniGL), both were as fast as MicroA1/Radeon7000 with MiniGL support.

And my beta-test system can be different than the end-users versions since I may have unreleased components in the system..
kas1eRe: Other SATA-Controllers20110128 21:42  #1460
Yeah, i know about waZp3d (i help Alain with tests some time ago, and it even have some fixes for your warp3d diskmag inside). But last time when i tryed it on os4, it was unreally slow on my peg2 (and that not surprising, becasue SW rendering). But if you say that waZp3d as fast on sam460 as warp3d on m1/radeon7000 with HW accleration, then .. then sam460 should be indeed fast.
slayerRe: 1.15Ghz20110128 22:48  #1465

I'll get a 460 later on in the year anyway... got to have one of each model you know ;-)
voxRe: 1.15Ghz20110129 02:23  #1468

Great. Again, out of my league, but "good to go"!
1GHz+ DDR2 SATA2 PCI-E Amiga fully integrated!

First to drive RadeonHD
SinanRe: Other SATA-Controllers20110129 08:04  #1475

But please know that SuperTuxKart on mA1+Radeon7000 was really unplayable (4-5 fps most). With Wazp3D only SuperTuxKart and FooBillard works anyway...

But Freespace works on Software Renderer at highest details without any problems.
kas1eRe: Other SATA-Controllers20110129 09:31  #1477

For me supertuxkart on my peg2/1ghz/radeon9250 with real warp3d drivers was like this: youtube video. How it in compare with waZp3d on sam460 ? Even if its the same, its very good for SW mode.

Related to FreeSpace, its game which works fine all the time on all the computers in every possible config :)
SinanRe: Other SATA-Controllers20110129 11:40  #1480

Supertuxkart is slow like 3-4 fps with wazp3d... My point is

For supertuxkart:

Sam460+wazp3d = ma1+radeon7000+minigl

Blender, aquaria e.t.c doesn't work with wazp3d of course
kas1eRe: Other SATA-Controllers20110129 13:51  #1491
Not that bad then. Plz, try also those tests links on which i post on AW and there. It should be for you very fast then (very interesting to know how it will).

Btw, did you have any sound card in your sam460 for now ? Or no sound at all ?
SinanRe: Other SATA-Controllers20110129 17:14  #1507

I have no sound card at the moment. I'll use SiliconMotion on-board driver when it is available.

Here is a youtube video of my Sam460. I using a 1920x1080 32bit screenmode.
I ran 2 two SDL magazines that you posted, OWB and Fresspace as you will see..

Please note that my system has debug versions and debug level enabled...


Sorry for the low resolution video...
kas1eRe: Other SATA-Controllers20110129 17:44  #1508

Thanks a lot, but sadly to say, you not show what is need to show : how fast scroll speed in diskmags + effects. You only run it statically, and press on article name and nothing. But that is will be like this by speed on any HW. Need to see exactly scrolling (and with turned on effects, as i see, you turned effects off for second diskmag). That will show how fast gfx-card and video-bus working. Now from video i can only say that CPU are the same as peg2, and starting/loading/exit from diskmags are the same as on my peg2.

I.e. need to load any article, which have images, and then, fast scroll it by mouse or by arrow keys. Also need to do the same in menu, etc. Then it will show exactly differences. I.e. just like on this video (peg2 or a1 do not remember): youtube video.

All that scrolling (with turning on effects) - that what exactly mean test, and only that will show the differences.

But, what i notice for now, its like on peg2 everything. But without scrolling of articles, and fast navigation, i can't say much right now. Only "the same as peg2".

ps. Why you disabled composition ? I have enabled it for all the time.
SinanRe: Other SATA-Controllers20110129 18:08  #1509

Here is another video..with effects on and scrolling..


I have disabled composition, because it requires 3D acceleration.. Not available for RadeonHD yet..
kas1eRe: Other SATA-Controllers20110129 18:53  #1513

Thank one more time :) Its almost fine now. I know that its annoing, but please, one more last test :)

I do right now video on my peg2 : (when you will do the same, please turn music on, even if you not heard it, turn effects on, etc, to make the same as for me now): youtube video. In that video i just checking scrolling speed by mouse wheel, and by arros keys in this way:

After runing i just use mouse wheel to browse articles names at bottom, and then again by mouse wheel at top. And few times like this. To see how fast it scrolls.

Then, the same, but just by arros-keys (up-down, not left-right). Just to see the same scrolling speed.

(why exactly that way are important: because there will be "pixel scrolling", which are heavest ones. Becasue when you do right-left, it scrols by lines which much easer for cpu/gfx card).

By this, we will see right now everything what we need. And we can compare the same vids :) So, please, one more test :)
samo79Re: Other SATA-Controllers20110129 21:43  #1521
The new black bootlogo looks awesome :-)
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