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New release of PortablE aimed at beginnersPosted by ChrisH at 20110207 17:33
I am releasing a "full preview" of the next version of the PortablE programming language. It is now aimed at beginners & those new to the E language.

Previous releases of PortablE were aimed at existing AmigaE users, and those familiar with AmigaOS programming. But after more than a year of development, PortablE is much easier for beginners to pick-up & play with:

* It now comes with some nice modules for graphics, sound, music & GUIs. These require no knowledge of AmigaOS programming, and were inspired by the simplicity of BASIC languages like AMOS.

* It comes with full documentation for all of these modules, along with smaller & bigger examples. The preview release does not include these examples, but instead I will be show-casing one of these examples every few days. Keep an eye on the new official PortablE forum for them!

* The documentation has been revamped to be more beginner friendly, and the PortablE installer has been made easier to use. If you still get stuck, then let me know, and I will see what I can do :-)

* In addition to that, I have made available a large collection of my own useful modules (in the CSH folder), which you can use if you want. These are not properly documented yet, but I will look at documenting them where there is interest.

* There are also various other improvements, and a lot of bug fixes.

* As usual it supports Amiga OS4, OS3, AROS, MorphOS & Windows. However (1) the new graphics module does not yet work on Amiga OS3, (2) the new modules do not yet work on Windows, and (3) MorphOS support is still experimental.

You can download it from PortablE's home page. But remember to keep an eye on the official PortablE forum for further info.
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ChrisHforum discussion20110207 19:58  #1922
As I got impatient waiting for this news item to be approved, I started a forum thread, which already has some posts:
ChrisHThe first two PortablE examples20110210 13:12  #2004
I have now posted two PortablE examples (more to come):
Example 1: ShootEmUp.e
Example 2: SimpleModPlayer.e
ChrisHRe: The first two PortablE examples20110212 12:29  #2063
Here are two more PortablE examples (more to come):
Example 3: ToySpaceshipSprite1.e
Example 4: ToySpaceshipSprite2.e
ChrisHupdate20110213 22:19  #2120
I have now released an UPDATED preview of PortablE. You can download it from PortablE's homepage. The changes include:

1. Fixed MakeFractalBitmap() to handle red colours above $7F (such as RGB_RED & RGB_ORANGE).

2. Fixed the graphics module to not crash on MorphOS when you change screens.

3. Updated the installer for AmigaOS4, so that it (offers to) install the necessary GCC includes.

4. Minor changes to the documentation.
ChrisHRe: update20110320 17:59  #3032
I have now released an UPDATED preview of PortablE. You can download it from PortablE's homepage.

The only change is that PEGCC should no-longer fail with the error message "Failed to strip executable" on AmigaOS4 when you have the source code folder open in Filer, DOpus4, etc. (If a similar problem exists on other OSes, then this will fix it too.)
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