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JIT enabled E-UAE bounty - UPDATEPosted by Troels at 20110218 23:46
The bounty for a JIT enabled version of E-UAE for AmigaOS4.1. has been assigned to Álmos Rajnai. Álmos is undoubtedly one of the best qualified persons for the job we could think of, as he's the author of (Petunia) the JIT 68K emulator in AmigaOS4.

Our current version of E-UAE on AmigaOS4.1 (and also MorphOS) supports only interpretive emulation and is quite slow compared to f.ex. winUAE.
Gaining JIT 68K code emulation (like Petunia) will speed things up. Especially AmigaOS4.1 users with slower machines should gain a lot from a JIT version of E-UAE. The JIT version will automatically become open source and other PPC OS will hopefully be able to benefit from the work as well.

As usual donations can be made via the Amigabounty.net website: JIT enabled E-UAE bounty
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kas1eyeah20110219 10:50  #2243
What a nice surprise !
Pretty interesting to see final results. Should be not _that_ hard for Rachy, if he will use Petunia code for (or even Petunia itself)
spotUPRe: yeah20110219 12:19  #2245
O_O i never thought this would happen! Cool!
EVilDRMikeRe: yeah20110219 12:42  #2246

I agree it would be awesome if it could use Petunia directly. That way I think it would seem more integrated into OS4.

elwoodRe: yeah20110219 21:31  #2256

Using Petunia doesn't mean "being integrated" into OS4.
You can use Petunia elsewhere, i.e. in a binary.
kas1eRe: yeah20110219 22:11  #2257

He mean if JIT for EUAE, will referes to code of petunia which already in the system (without re-coping the same kind of code to the EUAE parts, but only write in EUAE "referrers code" to Petunia when its already placed in memory after loading) - then it will be only aos4 based, and will sounds like "more integrated to OS".

But imho better if it will be just code as it , and everyone will compile EUAE for any kind of PPC os later (morphos/macos/lunux/etc).
TroelsRe: yeah20110220 00:00  #2258

I don't know for sure how Álmos plans to do the JIT version but AFAIK Petunia is not part of the plan.

As written on the bounty project page "The JIT will automatically become open source and other PPC OS, be able to benefit from it." Basically it will be GPL'ed like UAE itself, thus also available for recompile to MOS/macos/lunix etc.
kas1eRe: yeah20110220 00:04  #2259
Yeah, sounds like the most logical and right way. Pretty interesting to see final result (i somehow hope, that is he assigned bounty, maybe he already have something done :) )
TroelsRe: yeah20110220 10:02  #2266

Rachy made a post on amigaworld.net clarifying a lot of things. http://amigaworld.net/modules/news/article.php?storyid=5825&start=40
DAXRe: yeah20110221 10:55  #2295
Let the world know it happened (on PPC at least) on Amiga first! :-)

ChrisHRe: yeah20110221 19:32  #2313
I wonder if we wouldn't be better ditching E-UAE (whose development has stopped???) in favour of PUAE (link) ?
kas1eRe: yeah20110221 20:20  #2320

Yeah, imho for sure. I trying to compile PUAE few times, but it was problematic. I send bug reports to Ghostic (who do puae), he fix one, he fix two, and then looks like or tired or loose interest.

But for sure, better for us have normal working version of PUAE, which are EUAE+all the latest winuae code => good stuff.
poweramigaRe: yeah20110221 23:00  #2339
Excellent news cant wait to see it up and running
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