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News on the X1000!Posted by MaximvsPayne at 20110307 18:46
News on the X1000!

London, 7th March 2011

Penguins anyone?

As part of the pre-qualification process Varisys have created a minimal PowerPC Linux kernel to ensure that all components and subsystems are working as expected on the revision 2 Nemo motherboard. Understandably, Linux driver support is far more extensive and by creating a minimal Linux system Varisys can demonstrate that the board they deliver to the AmigaOS4 developers it fit for purpose. As an extension of this testing process we have commissioned Varisys to create a desktop Linux port complete with GUI. Although we realize that many Amigans will exclusively run AmigaOS4 we thought that giving the AmigaOne X1000 a working Linux option would add extra value and allow users to run software and utilities that may not be currently available under AmigaOS4.

"It don't matter if you're black or white"

We have been working very closely with AmigaKit to produce "AmigaOne X1000" and "Boing Ball" branded peripherals and merchandise to compliment the excellent A1-X1000 tower case design created by Andrew Korn. In July 2010, AmigaKit began selling a matching black A1-X1000 PS/2 & USB compatible "Boing Ball" keyboard and mouse. These peripherals can be used with the SAM range as well as PC or Mac computers and are also compatible with Classic Amigas by using Cocolino, Micromys, Subway USB or Deneb USB devices. The original A1-X1000 design was based around a black tower case but, after receiving many requests from customers, we decided to also produce a white version with matching keyboard and mouse combination. AmigaKit began stocking the white mouse at the end of 2010 and hope to be in a position to offer customers and Amiga resellers a choice of the black or white "Boing Ball" tower case in the near future.

A-EON Technology CVBA
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328gtswhite boing ball case!20110307 21:10  #2727
yes yes me want my white boing tower case please!..so when caqn I buy it from amigakit.com ????
DAXRe: white boing ball case!20110307 23:05  #2730
A white one for me too thanks! (seem we're ordering pizzas ^__^)

ValiantRe: white boing ball case!20110308 06:05  #2734

I'm still in a black phase, so...

amigo1Re: white boing ball case!20110308 07:56  #2738
that's nice!

I'm in a black phase too, but slowly heading towards white..

The keyboards are nice, unfortunately I got a new one just before the AmigaONE version came out, so I don't need one. besides this one I own is backlit, I'm so accustomed to that now, I don't think I can't live without it. Maybe the white ones are going to have that feature?
nexusRe: white boing ball case!20110308 08:50  #2739

that's mean! Now we all have to buy 2 AmigaOne X1000! ;-)
Don't dare to also offer red and blue models! *just kidding*

TrevorDRe: white boing ball case!20110308 17:33  #2749

Did you say you wanted a red one? ;-)


PhantomRe: white boing ball case!20110308 18:45  #2752

I prefer black too (my favourite color)! :=D
kickoRe: white boing ball case!20110308 19:19  #2757

Me too :) Black one. But the white really looks nice. Would fit with my virus synthesizer that is polar white. But then everything else is black in my home studio. And if there comes a totally new virus synthesizer in black ill get it :) so a black x1000 for me.

Once you go black you never go back
DAXRe: white boing ball case!20110308 23:00  #2766
Ouch, they're outnumbering us (whiters ^_^) but we're faring better at AW :-P
AntiqueRe: white boing ball case!20110309 07:45  #2774

I'm leaning towards the white. Maybe cos it's snowing outside right now? :P
DAXRe: white boing ball case!20110309 08:28  #2775
In my case it's because my Amiga Classic has always been the A2000 (still with me) which means....I never had a white Amiga in my life! XD
My only other Amiga is what, "DirtyRat" DarkGrey? (a CD32 :P)
agafasterRe: white boing ball case!20110309 09:28  #2776

I'm in a 3-phase... ;-)

Black or white.. both good colours for computer cases.. but which one's the best ?
Theres only one way to find out ....!
joeledRe: white boing ball case!20110309 09:39  #2777
I want the black one. Give it to me nowwwwwwwwww

328gtsRe: white boing ball case!20110309 16:22  #2787
Ouch, they're outnumbering us (whiters ^_^) but we're faring better at AW :-P "

to each his own but I always end up modding my cases someway and I can envision a splash of red in that white X1000 case I'm gonna be getting :-)
TSKRe: white boing ball case!20110309 20:03  #2794
poweramigaRe: white boing ball case!20110312 10:52  #2827
how about an alloy one to sit next to my Mac Pro :)

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