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New winbar.docky with Apps supportPosted by centaurz at 20110308 21:35
Winbar.docky 50.14 introduces the ability to see currently running OS4 Applications and perform tasks such as hiding, unhiding and opening recently used documents using the contextual menu. In particular, iconified applications will appear in a different style and can be quickly brought to front.
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TuxedoYES! :)20110309 13:03  #2781
GREAT work! :D
TroelsRe: YES! :)20110309 14:51  #2784
Sounds really great, looking forward to give it a try. Good work!
logicalheartWinbar Youtube Video20110310 09:09  #2803
An example of what you can do with Winbar:

centaurzRe: Winbar Youtube Video20110312 21:01  #2833

Really nice video, thanks!
DAXRe: Winbar Youtube Video20110317 10:00  #2931
Should be included with Aos4 :)
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