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Even more X1000 News!Posted by MaximvsPayne at 20110310 12:06
Following the AmigaOne X1000 Update article in the current edition of "Amiga Future" magazine we asked Adam Barnes, the Technical Director of Varisys, to provide an official Nemo progress report.
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ChrisHnews20110310 16:15  #2809
Great to see some concrete info on how the X1000 is progressing :-)
orginRe: news20110310 18:29  #2810

Or perhaps "not" progressing ;)
mechanicXena20110311 21:15  #2822
It's good to see that Xena is now dual core, 16 threads.

As far as the sound goes, (for me) it could just have a header on board with
the outputs on a block-off plate. The case looks like it has room.
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