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NetSurf 2.8 (OS4 web browser) releasedPosted by chris at 20110922 19:03
NetSurf 2.8 adds support for frames and iframes on all platforms, MIME type sniffing, and a new image cache. Image decoding can now be deferred until images are required for more optimal resource use and faster page load times. The release also incorporates many other newfeatures, optimisations, improvements and bug fixes. Full details in the change log. We recommend all users upgrade.
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redfoxNetSurf 2.820110923 01:09  #3268
Posting with NetSurf 2.8 graphics.library static build.

Cool ... the temporary amigans site looks fantastic.

Also amicue.org looks fantastic now as well. (It has frames.)

Thanks chris
redfox :-D
MicroA1 + AmigaOS 4.1 Update 3
redfoxNetSurf 2.820110925 01:03  #3270
Posting with the Cairo version right now.

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