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WordNet 3.2 released for AmigaOS4Posted by rigo at 20101218 23:48
Daniel Jedlicka has released an updated version of the electronic dictionary and thesaurus WordNet. Based on the original WordNet by the Cognitive Science Laboratory, Princeton University, this greatly enhanced AmigaOS4 version adds a comfortable ReAction-based interface and numerous other features.
It is available from os4depot.net.
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rigoWordNet 3.2 released for AmigaOS420101219 00:01  #272
Good work. Nice to see regular updates.

cha05e90Re: WordNet 3.2 released for AmigaOS420101219 01:54  #277
Great - fine program, I use it really often as some kind of over-sophisticated english thesaurus.. ;-)

PhantomRe: WordNet 3.2 released for AmigaOS420101219 10:11  #293

Yes, fine program indeed. Very good for its purpose.
TroelsRe: WordNet 3.2 released for AmigaOS420101219 11:26  #299
Good to see it updated:)

amigo1Re: WordNet 3.2 released for AmigaOS420101219 14:43  #303

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