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Mikey_CAmigans.net - New Staff Member.20110124 09:35
Hello all.

As you know we were hacked a little while back and the original site was taken down and replaced with this one on a temporary basis.
We were very fortunate at the time that HNL-DK came back from "retirement" to help us update/patch the xoops engine, on which the original site run and put it back on line.

For reasons not yet known to us, HNL-DK disappeared shortly before xmas and we hope that all is well with him. (Yes we have tried to contact him)

I am delighted to announce that Walkero has now come on board as a system admin to give the effort another push and getting the XOOPS based site back up.

Please join me and the rest of the Amigans.net team in welcoming him on board.

Walkero if you're reading this, Access is sorted ;-)
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TroelsRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110124 10:44  #1328
Welcome and good luck with your new "job"

EVilDRMikeRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110124 11:12  #1329

Welcome Walkero.

OutcastRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110124 12:20  #1331
@ Walkero

Willkommen, G'day, Wotcha

Choose whichever greeting takes your fancy

joeledRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110124 12:22  #1332


walkeroRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110124 14:06  #1335

Thank you guys. Thank you all. I'll do my best to continue the great work that Henning did.

cha05e90Re: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110124 15:33  #1342

Welcome to your new job ;-) - but Amiga-Look.org will still be maintained?
328gtsRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110124 16:04  #1345

thanks for the help & welcome on board :-)

markoRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110124 16:19  #1346

Welcome to your new "jobb" :)

walkeroRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110124 16:38  #1347

Amiga-Look.org will still be maintained by me. It's a project that I think we like and will be there for a long time.

The other site that I will maintain is the OS4Coding.net, for every os4 coder out there.
poweramigaRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110124 23:58  #1359
Welcome to the staff :) enjoy

poweramigaRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110125 00:00  #1360
Welcome to the staff :) enjoy

kas1eRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110125 00:06  #1362
I know that databases are different, and merge topics from current temporary site, with new one are not so easy looks like, but maybe just add manually "developer" topics ? I.e. that about qt-talks, relocation36 and nlist are pretty good to have for future imho.
samo79Re: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110125 00:13  #1363

Welcome :-)

ChrisHRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110125 10:10  #1371
And what about the people who posted in those topics - how will they appear? No one is going to merge user accounts, so IMHO they would probably all have to appear as "anonymous"... (probably not very helpful)
Mikey_CRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110125 11:35  #1372

I understand your frustrations, but I honestly, from what I have understood, can't see how we are going to merge things.

We either resurrect the old site and move forward or we keep this one forever, unfortunately you cannot always have your cake and eat it.

Am afraid its going to be like that Famous "Dallas" tv series scene, where none of this ever happened.

amigo1Re: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110125 11:46  #1373

Welcome! :-)
walkeroRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110125 12:39  #1377
We might could make some merging, but there will be a lot of work to do by hand, unfortunately. If this is able to be done should be checked after the uploading of the old site, IMHO.

Thank you all guys for the welcome messages
emeckRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110125 15:47  #1386

thank you for your time and efforts!
PhantomRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110125 17:44  #1388

Welcome George. ;-)

nbacheRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110125 22:39  #1395
Welcome from me too!

About the future of these temporary pages; wouldn't it be possible to create some sort of "static" version of them to keep for reference? Then just a simple link to them could be made from the front page of the new site, and people could browse them at will. No need for posting or other "live" features.

Don't know if that would simplify the task.

Best regards,

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