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MaximvsPayneRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110127 10:40  #1420

elwoodRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110130 22:22  #1588

Welcome aboard.

If I were you I would just go back to the old site as its database is a lot more important than this temporary one.
The important thing is to do it ASAP.
kas1eRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110130 23:39  #1594
Have any timeline about when new-old site can works ? Or just "when its done" ?:)
walkeroRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110131 00:43  #1597
Unfortunately, I still don't have the code and database in my hands. As soon as I get these necessary files, I will start upgrading and restoring the old website. My target is to make everything in 15days from the time I get all the files I need. Afterwards, I will need sometime to gather bugs and changes and trying to fix them.

That's my own schedule. if everything goes right. But as I said, I still don't have the code in my hands and I don't know what exactly I will find there.

I'll try to keep you all informed by this topic.

Thanks again all of you for your kind words and welcoming.
PhantomRe: Amigans.net - New Staff Member.20110131 01:28  #1599

Hey Roman, XMas is over mate! ;-)
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