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abalabanCompareDirs in upload queue20110124 15:26
I uploaded CompareDirs three days ago but it's stuck in the upload queue. I think I know why: it was late and I must have forgotten to put my passphrase. Anyway I tried to us the contact form on OS4Depot without any effect (it seems), if an admin (Origin or Spot IIRC) read me can he accept the file please ?
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orginRe: CompareDirs in upload queue20110124 15:38  #1343

No access to mail right now. But since you posted here I've approved it. Just for reference, you could just have uploaded again with the correct passphrase. (Also, providing an incorrect email isn't helpful)
abalabanRe: CompareDirs in upload queue20110124 16:03  #1344
Thank you for the approval and for the tip. I was wondering but forgot to ask in my post ;-)
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