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joeledWebcam Software?20110125 10:03
Is there any software out there we can get ported to OS4? It would be nice to get it integrated with SabreMSN. Another big step if we want to attract new users to our platform.

This is what i found after a quick search.

Kinect camera driver

Fwink (only takes still images)

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VooDooRe: Webcam Software?20110125 15:18  #1383

Good question webcam support is what I need on OS4!
DeniilRe: Webcam Software?20110125 21:30  #1392

Perhaps the new USB stack has support for Isocronous transfer which appears to be needed by most webcams. Then we can start porting drivers.
TroelsRe: Webcam Software?20110125 21:49  #1393

Yes, it seem lack of asyncronus transfer is to blame, hopefully we will see improvements to the USB stack available soon?
fairdinkemRe: Webcam Software?20110126 01:24  #1396

I am no expert but I am using MacOSX and I needed a new web cam because my Web cam for Windows uses drivers but MacOSX uses the UVC compliance (UNIVERSAL USB 2.0 VIDEO CLASS) Which is a driverless USB 2.0 compliance.

Please see this link it may help with my explanation unless I am speaking to the already converted?


I understand we might need a USB stack upgrade but maybe we can follow the Linux and Apple direction of supporting driverless UVC compliancy?
hansRe: Webcam Software?20110126 02:26  #1397

To do that, we'd need a driver for UVC devices. Don't confuse using a standard with not needing a driver. MacOS-X also has a UVC driver.

A UVC driver would definitely be the way to go since most modern webcams should be using that standard.

fairdinkemRe: Webcam Software?20110126 06:24  #1398

Oh okay that makes sense, like I said I am no expert otherwise I would help the Amiga community by programming it myself..... Man I so wish i could.

It was so funny when I got my new webcam I am using a dual booted computer MacOSX and Windows 7. With MacOSX I plugged it in and it worked straight away, booted into windows 7 and it detected it then downloaded drivers and 10 minutes later was able to be used.... How ridiculous.
K-LRe: Webcam Software?20110126 07:38  #1400

joeledRe: Webcam Software?20110126 10:22  #1403

Yes i know about this program. I dont know anything abt Sweex 100K, Trust SpaceCam 150 Portable, Macally IceCam Portable webcams.

I want to use logitech webcams in the future. How hard is it going to be to integrate it for jach and his excellent SabreMSN? It would be a good step if ppl can use SabreMSN with webcam. I m not a programmer myself but i m happy to donate money to ppl who has the skills!!

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