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kas1esam460 testers, plz do some tests20110128 10:09
While sam460/aos4 are in a way , then there is should be no more secrets or NDA signs about keeping benchmarks in the secret, so can any of the betatesters with sam460, do now some actual benchmarks on real live examples (see below).

As i know there is no warp3d drivers for radeonHD cards for now, so no 3D at all (and no opengl as well), but still, plain SDL apps for example should works, and show their faster speed. In what i in interest , is will some of plain SDL apps faster on sam460 with the best HD card for which we have drivers, or it will be almost the same by any reassons as in my peg2 with radeon9250.

For the test, plz. download that:


Those diskmags are 1024x768, plain SDL, so, speed of video-bus, and cpu are matter here and will be visually detectable. If any of you can, test plz it on sam460 and give us some words about real-live-current differences (even if result will be not good any reasson).

Or if you can, make a phone-video, to see how it start to be on sam460 with new gfx card, and i can compare with my peg2/1ghz/radeon9250.

That will say more than words, for sure :)

Maybe some of sam460 testers also have a1 (1ghz or more) or peg (1ghz or more), so can run it here as well, to compare with sam460. But even if only sam460 for you and you can do a video of those diskmags in action (how fast they scrolls, how fast effects works), then it will be pretty cool as well.

@Hans, SinanG
I know you both have those, can you please do those tests ? If Hans will do that, then it will be just awesome :) Or anyone else if Hans/SinanG will not in interest.

That real life examples will show all what need to know.

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