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vox[LOCKED] Amiga price range 2011, expectations 201220110129 01:42

AresOne 2011 Kit, µATX AM3 Board, AMD Sempron 2.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM DDR3 PC1333, Radeon HD3000 On-Board Graphics Card, 500 GB SATA HDD, incl. AROS, A-Live X Software Package, AMC Licence, Art Effect 4.0 and Amiga Forever 2009 OEM
AresOne 2011 System, µATX AM3 Board, AMD Sempron 2.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM DDR3 PC1333, Radeon HD3000 On-Board Graphics Card, 500 GB SATA HDD in TC-20 MicroATX Case (black) w/ 400W PSU, incl. AROS, A-Live X Software Package, AMC Licence, Art Effect 4.0 and Amiga Forever 2009 OEM
[Configure item] (Vesalia) 244.90


Minimig 020/28 2MB 1GB storage noPSU noCase 155e
Minimig 020/28 4MB 1GB Storage PSU case 230e

Special: board with no pic chip for ARM controller 2MB 1GB 142e

Sam Flex
667 Mhz CPU + OS4: 454.00 EUR
733 Mhz CPU + OS4: (558,00 EUR


SAM 440ep 667 Mhz cpu, 512 MB DDR Ram, ATI Radeon M9 64MB and Audio 5.1 onboard
Price: 530,40e


1.15 Ghz CPU + OS4: 749,00 EUR (898.80 EUR including VAT where applicable)

complete systems

Sam440ep-Flex board with PowerPC 440ep@733Mhz
ATI 9250 128MB Graphics Card
Maxtor 160GB SATA HD
SATA DVD Recorder
Case Asus model "TM-B12" "Vento" series
AmigaOS 4.1
with 512MB RAM 786,00 EUR
with 1GB RAM 822,00 EUR

Sam440ep board at 667Mhz with 512 MB DDR Ram, ATI Radeon M9 64MB and Audio 5.1 onboard, SATA DVD-RW, SATA 80 Gb Hard Disk, Logitech Optical Mouse
- Psile case (Black or White): 925e

AmigaOne X1000 Realised Date Unknown Estimated price: 2000 euros with OS 4.1, case, PSU, mouse, keyboard, GFX card and onboard sound
Specs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AmigaOne_X1000
Customized case[10] with Boing Ball
ATX Formfactor
Dual core PWRficient PA6T 2.0 GHz PowerISA v2.04+ CPU[11]
Co-processor: "Xena" 500 MHz XCore XS1-L1 128 SDS
ATI Radeon R700 graphics card
Audio: 7.1 channel HD audio
Memory: 4× DDR2 SDRAM slots
10× USB 2.0
1× Gigabit Ethernet
2× PCIe ×16 slots (1×16 or 2×8)
2× PCIe ×1 slots
1× Xorro slot (gives access to "Xena")
2× PCI legacy slots
2× RS-232
4× SATA 2 connectors
1× IDE connector
JTAG connector
1× Compact Flash
CPU: Used be mystery, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PWRficient
Board: Beta stage.
Speculation: Probably based on http://www.varisys.co.uk/vm31.html board

- To release all PPC Mac version of OS 4.1, enabling existance of laptop, mibni compter and strong workstations (G4,G5) Amiga clones. Cheap hardware, and I am sure Amigans would pay 10 euros more for OS to apple. If I stand correct, only bluetooth, USB, sound and few more drivers are needed to have OS 4.0 up and running. Legalize it!

- To use existing Varisys board for AmigaOne x500: bare board with OS 4.1, single core, no Xena, no GFX, case optional. Varisys has different boards with different CPUs so AmigaOne line can extent far away from AmigaInc

- 800Mhz PCI card for PC exists. I would gladly buy it and run OS 4.1 on dedicated hard drive

- Some low cost board of Classic performance should be out for Efika price.
It could run AmigaOS 4.1 Classic for MiniMig price. Minimig should realise
AGA version, I hope to see Natami on this list with well optimized AROS 68k and if needed licence for KS and WB 3.1 files ... and I expect AresOne 2012 to have paid WindowsXP, ME or 7 and integrated WinUAE and AROS 68k and AmiKit, as well as AmigaForever.

- For OS 4.1 (4.2?) I wish just what Hyperion promised, as well as some integrated Classic emulation, optimized UAE with AmiKit / GlUAE or AGA emulation layer that uses Radeon not CPU
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voxRe: Amiga price range 2011, expectations 201220110129 02:20  #1467

Also possibilities:

- Rebrand SAMs as AmigaOne 440 Integrated, 440 Flex and 460
or SAM logo (Yosemite SAM in AMiga shirt?)
- Acube acessory: cheap Wi Fi or ADSL solution for SAMs
- Acube acessory: Amiga keyboard and mouse USB, like AmigaONe but with SAM
- Acube acessory: FPGA with latest Minimig core and Petunia
- Ability to boot (UBoot menu): AmigaOS 4.1, lastest PPC Ubuntu or Yellow Dog Linux (I remember they had EP440 beta? Now when they lost PS, maybe they are interested to go for all PPC Amigas officialy?) AROS PPC, Classic FPGA mode


- AmigaOS 4 updates e.g. - RadeonHD and USB for all
- Help on OpenOffice for Kids, Timberwolf
- never Real3D and DopusMagellan integrated in OS since 3.2, offered as cheap purchase or OS 4.1
- Help on AmigaClassic emulation, if not possible work on Cloanto on Amiga Forever special edition 2011 that could be purchasable with SAM and X1000 for 20 euros
- Patches for Shogo, Wipeout, Myst etc. few PPC games
and those games on sale
- Would be nice to see SIN and GORKY PARK

voxRe: Amiga price range 2011, expectations 201220110129 02:29  #1469

- Paying MOS team to make availiable port for all AmigaOne, SAM computers,
help if needed. MOS team would benefit from sold OS copies for software development

- PRO version of SAM or X1000 Bussines with at least PageStream latest stable even 68k and Hoolywood, ImageFX, Aladin 4D
voxRe: Amiga price range 2011, expectations 201220110129 02:59  #1470

Retro Gamers edition (+50euros):

- Two Kempston USB joysticks
- Two mouses optional
- OS4 games CD with all libs etc.
- Officialy contracted data files for these ported games:
http://www.amigasoft.net/pages/games/default.asp and so configured files to work. Similar for some last Amiga games and Simon The Sorcer 2
- Legal MAME, Consoles and other files and pre configured VICE etc. for OS4 and Linux
- Quake emulated CD working via UAE or boot simple startup via RAD:, Petunia and RadeonHD driver
- ScummVM games CD
- Hyperion games pack (two titles)
- AmigaForever 2011 ADF file collection and set up EUAE/glUAE
- Some DOSBOX games collection and presets
- ZX Spectrum and C64 tape, cartridge, microdrive and disk files and nice emulator
voxRe: Amiga price range 2011, expectations 201220110129 03:00  #1471

and one x86 emulator for PowerPC
Optimized for 604, AMCC, G3,G4 and X1000 mystery CPU
kas1eRe: Amiga price range 2011, expectations 201220110129 09:27  #1476
Its only i who not understand for what Vox post all this welter ? :)
Mikey_CRe: Amiga price range 2011, expectations 201220110129 09:58  #1478

No you are not the only one. I don't know where VOX is going with his posts either, suffice to say, that we are a pro AmigaOS4 website and we discourage mentions of rival OS's - This is not Amigaworld.net
(With all respects to Amigaworld.net - its a great site for all flavours)
AntiqueRe: Amiga price range 2011, expectations 201220110129 11:44  #1482

Well,as i for once read on a.org about the sam460. After reading posts from piru. I have decided to NEVER support the MOS. He seems to be very into talking shit about os4 instead of talking positive about mos. So if one day mos is the only alternative amigaos left. Then i'll go windows again,anly thanks to him.
kas1eRe: Amiga price range 2011, expectations 201220110129 13:22  #1487

A think talks from a.org, about who and where say for who, and what someone will do if/else/where/what, better leave for a.org itself :)
AntiqueRe: Amiga price range 2011, expectations 201220110129 13:32  #1488

Not sure i understood your post. But i only wisit that site tops 10 times a year. I have an account there but haven't been logged in for 6months. And i left a message there for him to see. :-)

But enough for that.

My expectations for 2012 is more updates. I don't think there will be new machines for 2012,as the sam 460 and x1000 will be pretty new. Making new hw takes time. ;-)
voxLOCKED Re: Amiga price range 2011, expectations 201220110129 15:56  #1500

I dont think all these ideas are dellusions, I believe we are just one step behind. Unfortunately, just like in Max Romeo song, one step forward for Amiga is usualy accompanied by two steps backward


Now, CUSA boys try to let me believe that AROS was dropped because Hyperion
privately threaten to sue them if they use AROS, so shame, they have to make their own Workbench now. and not because they didnt want to pay for the drivers. Evil Hyperion. But AROS will writte itself for new Amigas. It will have to.

Also, they badly wanted to have x86 AmigaOS so they made some kind of offer to both Hyperion and MOS team, but both camps found it unacceptable. Its not it might be a bad offer or that they are not interested, they refused to be part of great Amiga destiny that awaits.

Now, if we made our machines 100% Amiga compatibile (they mean OS 3.x)
and add some software, we are equal in that part of offer. And ability to run MOS and OS4 would be adventage.

Why hating MOS? Its longer in development, and I as user want to try it also
Mikey_CLOCKED Re: Amiga price range 2011, expectations 201220110129 16:19  #1502

Consider yourself warned This site is mainly about AmigaOS4.x, If people wish to discuss CUSA Crap, Aros or MOS they can take it elsewhere, I will not allow Rival system Evangelism here.

Thread Locked.
orginRe: Amiga price range 2011, expectations 201220110129 16:27  #1503

Thread locked on request.
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