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JosDuchItDesigner 3.0 & NList.mcc > version20.12720110129 20:51
Designer needs NList.mcc in a version newer than 20.127
Where can i download it?
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amigo1Re: Designer 3.0 & NList.mcc > version20.12720110130 07:48  #1539

not released yet..

edit: but the few things I tried with designer 3.0 work with 20.127.
ajsRe: Designer 3.0 & NList.mcc > version20.12720110130 12:41  #1553
Just heard back from Andreas, It was hoped to have been released the first week of January by the Nlist team, but there's a slight delay. 20.127 works fine apart from the "Move page" feature.
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