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chrisUnderline = italics20110129 21:47
The underline tags are giving me italics errorneously.

The first two rows here are both italicised:
This should be underlined
This should be italics
This should be bold
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orginRe: Underline = italics20110129 21:57  #1524

Looks fine to me ;)
chrisRe: Underline = italics20110129 22:09  #1526

Either I'm going mad... or you fixed it really quickly :)

ajsRe: Underline = italics20110129 23:01  #1529
You're going Mad *o) Lack of Chocolate biscuits I expect!!!
amigo1Re: Underline = italics20110130 07:50  #1540

mmmh, yummi! choc-bisquits!! :-P
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