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kilaueabartPython 2.5.5 (problem fixed)20110129 22:08
I have been told that OS4.1 Update 2 includes Python 2.5.5, but I still have 2.5.1 in spite of installing update 2 last spring.

I just now downloaded and unarchived AmigaOS4.1Update2.lha (14285042 bytes after removing some "Warning" from the front) from Hyperion again, and it still has exactly the same Python files I installed last year, including the 70216-byte C:Python command dated 2010-03-27.

So where is Python 2.5.5 *really*?
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elwoodRe: Python 2.5.520110129 22:50  #1528

Only for betatesters.
sundownRe: Python 2.5.520110130 00:29  #1530

Only for betatesters.

Not true, I'm not a beta tester.

6.RAM Disk:> python
Python 2.5.5 (r255:1.2, Mar 27 2010, 21:00:30)
[GCC 4.2.4 (adtools build 20090118)] on ppc-amiga
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

AntiqueRe: Python 2.5.520110130 00:33  #1531

Same here. :-)
PaulRe: Python 2.5.520110130 03:06  #1533

and here
amigo1Re: Python 2.5.520110130 07:39  #1536

and here
RIBDEVIL1Re: Python 2.5.520110130 11:49  #1550

I have the 2.5.5 version.

And comes with the update 2, so I don't know how you get the 2.5.1.

You try the pyversion.py script, to see the real version ?

elwoodRe: Python 2.5.520110130 13:57  #1556
Oh sorry...


then you may need to install Update2 again. Something may have gone wrong.
ValiantRe: Python 2.5.520110130 15:50  #1563

I'm not currently betatesting either and I have 2.5.5. You beat me to suggeting a re-install.

kilaueabartRe: Python 2.5.520110131 02:37  #1600

"I don't know how you get the 2.5.1. "

Me either, but I obviously goofed recently. (I don't remember how to do quotes. "[Q] ... [/Q]"?)

"You try the pyversion.py script, to see the real version ?"

Since Python didn't work, I wouldn't have been able to try that script.

But someone wisely suggested I check libpython25.so, and sure enough I had the one that belongs to 2.5.1. I must have copied it by mistake from 4.1u1 at some point. I unarc'ed the one from the Update 2 archive and replaced the bad one and now Python works again, as 2.5.5.
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