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      AmigaOS 4  
ValiantOctaMEDv6 on OS420101213 16:59
I've found that OctaMEDv6 will start on OS4.1u1 but opens a requestor that says "Can't open CIA resource." 'Continue' will let me start and I can load a song, but when I try to play it I get the requestor again without an option to continue. Has anyone else been able to get it to work under OS4?

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PhantomRe: OctaMEDv6 on OS420101213 18:49  #58

Did you try CIAAgent from OS4Depot?
ValiantRe: OctaMEDv6 on OS420101213 19:39  #59

Thanks, I'd forgotten about that. Installed it and don't get anymore CIA requestors. However, I'm now getting a requestor for the serial.port when I try to play a MIDI file. Guess I'll need to find a regular tracker file to better test it.

cha05e90Re: OctaMEDv6 on OS420101213 19:52  #60
My Octamed Soundstudio installation runs happily with "The Maestrix" - emulating an MaestroPro setup (which can OM can be configured to use).
chrisRe: OctaMEDv6 on OS420101213 20:44  #61

Yep, The Maestrix is the way to go... assuming OctaMED v6 supports the MaestroPro (if not, OctaMED SS was a free download... not sure if it still is)
ValiantRe: OctaMEDv6 on OS420101213 20:50  #62

Thanks, Chris. You wouldn't happen to have a link to the download would you?

chrisRe: OctaMEDv6 on OS420101213 22:07  #63

No, but I found one pretty quickly :)

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