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alfkilMediator in EZ4 Tower20110202 17:07
With the ATX to AT adaptor sucessfully installed in my tower, I'm now trying to get my new Voodoo 2 card to run. I have followed the instructions in the VoodooGuide on the MediaCD:

1) I have installed Picasso96 from the OS39 CD.
2) I have renamed Cybervision3d in DEvs:Monitors to Voodoo (also .info file)
3) I have copied the voodoo.card file to Libs:Picasso96
4) Reboot
5) Inside Picasso96Mode is listed some screenmodes, but I cannot press "test" and the menu says "No card"

"pciinfo report" gives me:

"Pci Device 1:
DeviceName: Voodoo2 Voodoo 2 3D Accelerator

What could I be doing wrong??

EDIT: Oops, wrong forum...
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kas1eRe: Mediator in EZ4 Tower20110202 17:40  #1728

As far as i remember, you need to choice a card in p96, because by default it can be NO BOARD (for now you looks like have NO BOARD, but that is dropdown-menu or kind). But if you have no boards in that list (only no_board), then p96 drivers setuped wrong (i know that because i loose tons of time few years ago on all that mediator/p96 stuff).
alfkilRe: Mediator in EZ4 Tower20110202 17:57  #1729

The menu that says "No board" is the rightmost menu, and there are no options to choose from except "No Board".

Also running the devs:monitors/Voodoo driver from shell gives some strange error, that my picasso96 installation is broken (or smth, I can't remember exactly).

I have had a BVision installed on the same machine, could it be some kind of conflict with p96 and cgfx?
kas1eRe: Mediator in EZ4 Tower20110202 18:02  #1730

Dunno, i have also back in times bvision + meditor/voodoo3 (but 2 different system partition was). As i remember, with mediator should be used some special p96 version (can be wrong, but i remember that everything should be latest, and from elbox).
RobRe: Mediator in EZ4 Tower20110203 01:21  #1735

Voodoo 2 is 3D only, it needs an additional 2D to run. The Mediator Voodoo driver doesn't support this card.
alfkilRe: Mediator in EZ4 Tower20110203 08:32  #1740

Doh! Yeah, now I checked the list of supported devices, and Voodoo 2 is not there... Good thing they are not so expensive ;-).
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