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voxPCI add on card with PPC CPU20110204 22:57
As before XT/286 and 486 Zorro cards were best solutions to reach PC compatibility on Amiga, seems now is the time to go other way around.

This Varisys product just begs for OS 4.1 and would run it between SAM 440 and SAM 460 I believe. Could with it any PC with Radeon 9000/HD and Sound Blaster 5.1 run OS 4.1? Is it possible? Your opinions and ideas.

While some wicked people have been bashing us that we can`t run Linux (nulled with Debian PPC) or Windows (for apps, not because of the OS) now we could have it all one computer. Maybe not now, 2012 or after, but this would be a nice solution. At least I would pay import tax for component, not for a system :-)))


VS145 - PowerPC PCI card

industry standard PCI full length card
867MHz-1.3GHz+ PowerPC™ processor
2MBytes fast DDR, L3 cache
128MBytes-1GByte SDRAM
optional on-board 10/100 ethernet controller
supports JTAG in-circuit emulation
target support for GNU Tool Kit, Linux 2.4 and VxWorks™
host support for Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux and Solaris 8
BIOS firmware including TCL interpreter with support for booting from network or PCI
Serial Port
The VS145 PowerPC™ PCI card delivers an outstanding combination of computational and I/O performance in a compact, industry standard form factor. On its own or as part of a multiprocessing system, the VS145 is a powerful engine for embedded computing in industrial, military and commercial applications. The VS145 utilises a third generation PowerPC™ G4+ CPU - the Motorola MPC745x family. This device has a highly advanced superscaler architecture to delivering exceptional integer and floating point performance.

The PowerPC™ G4+ benefits from a highly efficient 100MHz system bus and an AltiVec™ 128 bit vector processing engine which can perform four single precision floating point operations per clock cycle. Performance is further enhanced by 256kBytes on chip cache running at full core speed and 2MBytes L3.

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kas1eRe: PCI add on card with PPC CPU20110204 23:21  #1781
Some wicked people will bashing you for sure to not start anymore those aw.net kind topics with tons of copy+paste text.
voxRe: PCI add on card with PPC CPU20110204 23:37  #1784

Well copy paste existed on Amiga too :-)
Understand it, but I try to give some info.

That I Doublepost between AW.net and Amigans.net? Yes I do. Because I see this website as OS4 centered and AW.net a bit wider, but Amigish.

But thanks for the advice, angry santa :-)
carved_eyeRe: PCI add on card with PPC CPU20110206 01:35  #1817

Reminds me of the shark ppc cards that where suppose to become available but never did but i think that was becuase of software issue and compatibility.
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