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kilaueabartOdd NetSurf problem20101214 02:16
All of a sudden, clicking on a link on a page in NetSurf kills input. This naturally requires hitting the Reset button.

Otherwise, the machine continues to run, as indicated by the clock ticking away.

Where should I start a search for the problem? I have the idea that Snoopy won't save until I ask it to, requiring mouse input, but I'll give it a shot, I guess.
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chrisRe: Odd NetSurf problem20101214 20:08  #97

chrisRe: Odd NetSurf problem20101215 01:20  #110
Right, let's try a more useful reply!

Firstly, just before you click'n'freeze, is the NetSurf window deactivated? If so, this probably means there is a console window hidden behind/on the WB screen with an "assert failed" message on it (unfortunately Intuition seems to deadlock if you activate a window belonging to a propcess that has terminated). If you can get that message, that will be incredibly useful.

Secondly, use the 3.0-dev build ("test builds" link from the NetSurf downloads page). Run it from the Shell with -v and stderr output redirected to a file, eg:
NetSurf -v *>ram:netsurf.log

Make sure it goes on a blank partition, a partition you don't care about and/or one formatted with a journalling filesystem (SFS or JXFS). FFS is liable to get invalidated. RAM will of course be wiped on reboot :)

Send the file to me and maybe I can work out what is going wrong, however the debug is more "core" stuff rather than "frontend" so it might not help.

Thirdly, serial debug log. You might need to run the following command to redirect output:
kdebug "console serial"
kilaueabartRe: Odd NetSurf problem20101215 22:36  #135

Thanks, Chris. I'll try those things. YAM has suddenly quit giving me the option of using OWB, so it'd be good to get NetSurf working right.

One thing I probably should have mentioned: When I click the URL a new window does open, but utterly blank except for an empty title bar.

I did try Snoopy and as I suspected one needs to save the file *after* the crash, impossible without input. But the link came up that time and there was no crash!

chrisRe: Odd NetSurf problem20101215 23:16  #137

That sounds like the frames-related bug.

Try 3.0-dev ("test build" link on download page)

Also try adding/changing the line:

in Resources/Options

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