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      AmigaOS 4  
sickySupported printers in Amiga OS420110211 11:46
As most will now know I am intending to get an OS4 capable machine soon as funds are available, I was just wondering what currently available printers are supported, even if it's just a driver that supports text printing will be enough.

Currently I have a HP (SPC?) multi function printer but am at a point where I may get a new one, so better if I get one supported by Amiga OS4?
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PaulRe: Supported printers in Amiga OS420110211 15:21  #2040

Over the years I've had a Konica-Minolta and 2 Xerox color lasers with built-in Postscript. They all worked about as well as one could expect using the Workbench Postscript driver.


chrisRe: Supported printers in Amiga OS420110211 20:11  #2052

The HPs tend to be Dot4 devices. rwo was working on a dot4.device (there's an early version on OS4Depot), haven't heard of any updates for a while now though.
BCPRe: Supported printers in Amiga OS420110213 02:45  #2086

I have an HP Photosmart 2610 all-in-one inkjet printer and I have been able to use the HP_Deskjet_1600C driver successfully (so far I have only tried to do text and b&w graphics). Also there is an HP_Photosmart driver that should also work, it is available on OS4Depot. I think I got the other one from Aminet.

Indianapolis, Indiana USA
BillERe: Supported printers in Amiga OS420110213 11:47  #2102

I used to use a Canon i560 with TurboPrint. I recall it being recommended by someone called Mick Sutton in Total Amiga magazine ;-)

Until it started leaking ink it worked well for many years.

I now have "borrowed" an HP Photosmart C4480 which my wife bought but had never used. There is a driver good enough for most purposes on OS4 Depot.

I have to resort to my Mac Mini for scaning though, unless someone corrects me on this I do not think there is the scanner support for it in OS4.

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