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ChrisHMiniGL v2.5 - safe to use it?20110213 11:21
When MiniGL v2.5 was first released, there were lots of problems reported with it, so I did not install.

Then an update was released, supposed to fix all problems, but then some reported that problems in certain games were still not fixed.

I just checked, and there does not seem to have been any subsequent MiniGL updates, so I wanted to know whether there are still problems with certain games, or if it is safe to install?

P.S. For what it is worth, I noticed that I am using MiniGL v2.2 :-(
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samo79Re: MiniGL v2.5 - safe to use it?20110213 11:27  #2100

Go for it, problems was solved in meantime (AFAIK in 2.4)

(Eventually make a simple backup of your old MiniGL libs)
K-LRe: MiniGL v2.5 - safe to use it?20110213 11:40  #2101

Indeed, all problems have been solved :-)
kas1eRe: MiniGL v2.5 - safe to use it?20110213 12:02  #2103
The only one problem still here, which i not detect when do beta-test of last version: something wrong with q3 start to be, when you load a map, its somehow "jumps" beetwen buffers, like forget to draw one of images. You can try byself: just run q3 in minigl2.3 and start any level (you will see that all loads and draws on moment of loading normal), and with 2.5 : you will see that one of drawing 2d pictures are skips.
ChrisHRe: MiniGL v2.5 - safe to use it?20110213 15:34  #2107
Have you reported that to who-ever is handling MiniGL updates? (silly question I think)
kas1eRe: MiniGL v2.5 - safe to use it?20110213 16:31  #2111
Nope, but only because that i was in wait when Crisot (who say about it first, because when i first time see it, i just thinking that maybe i blind a bit) will post a video of it. But looks like he just slack-off , so i will report to Hans it as well soon (just need to found now somethere minigl2.3 :) )
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