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alfkilGlobal mouse?20110213 20:31
Sorry I'm being stupid here... Is there any way to get the global, screen relative mouse position from Intuition _without_ waiting for a IDCMP_MOUSEMOVE event?
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centaurzRe: Global mouse?20110213 20:35  #2117

Yes, in IntuitionBase (which you first lock).
alfkilRe: Global mouse?20110213 20:50  #2118

Ok cool, thanks! :-)
chrisRe: Global mouse?20110213 21:00  #2119
It's also part of the Screen structure IIRC
tonywRe: Global mouse?20110215 04:28  #2145

Quote from include/intuition/screens.h:

struct Screen
struct Screen *NextScreen; /* linked list of screens */
struct Window *FirstWindow; /* linked list Screen's Windows */

WORD LeftEdge, TopEdge; /* parameters of the screen */
WORD Width, Height; /* parameters of the screen */

int16 MouseY; /* position relative to upper-left */
int16 MouseX;
alfkilRe: Global mouse?20110215 16:52  #2153

Ok, that's a bit better than fooling around in intuitionbase.
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