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prowlerSam440ep + ATI graphics card20110214 13:27
Hi all,

So, I have my little Sam440ep and an ATI 9200 graphics card.

My first question is, is there much of a difference compatibility wise or much difference performance wise between an ATI 9200 and an ATI 9250?

I did a quick test with the ATI 9200 and after following a short tutorial I saw on Utility Base (renaming monitor devs etc) I got the ATI 9200 working on the Sam440ep but only played with it for a few minutes and saw that it essentially works.

This brings me to my next question. I have a slim line ITX case for the motherboard, commonly known as a Morex 2766 or under the cubix brand. The problem is that the riser card that came with it only has a notch on the 5v side and not the 3.3v side, which is why I didn't leave the card attached.

Does anyone know of anywhere that sells a PCI riser card, preferably one which faces _away_ from the motherboard which is willing to ship to Australia? I really like the small slim case the Sam is currently in, looks wise as well as space saving wise and would rather not get a bigger case which will be my only other option at this point in time that I can see.

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mrodfrRe: Sam440ep + ATI graphics card20110214 13:57  #2130

Verry difficult to found one who work (maybe impossible) but I haven't all the knowledge for this part.

Using a graphic card on a SAM440ep work on the PCI slot at 33mhz and the M9 work at 66mhz. Better to use the M9.
PhantomRe: Sam440ep + ATI graphics card20110214 15:02  #2131

I had problems with a Radeon 9250 128MB in my first Sam440ep. Never worked, although it worked later in Sam440ep-Flex.
amigagrRe: Sam440ep + ATI graphics card20110214 15:12  #2132

yes but meanwhile there where available some uboot updates which had improve
the functionality of an external vga on sam440

PhantomRe: Sam440ep + ATI graphics card20110214 17:43  #2133

Yup, I've tried those but still no luck.
amigagrRe: Sam440ep + ATI graphics card20110214 22:25  #2141

of course, you sale your soul to a pegasos :P
PhantomRe: Sam440ep + ATI graphics card20110215 16:23  #2151

Harharhar... :-D
prowlerRe: Sam440ep + ATI graphics card20110217 11:44  #2201

Hrmmm, I was thinking a PCI graphics card might make things better mainly due to the more than 64Meg RAM of graphics memory. I remember making a comment on how gGish ran slow on my AMiga and being informed it was due to the low volume of available graphics memory.

Still, I would be interested to see the performance difference between a M9 and a ATI 9200/9250 on a Samep440.

ValiantRe: Sam440ep + ATI graphics card20110217 16:57  #2209

Can't help you much with the 9200/9250 comparison, but I had a 9250 in my 440ep up until the time I put in an WiFi card for the trip to AmiWest and I certainly miss it. You can definitely tell a difference when using a number of screens and the built-in graphics memory is used up.
prowlerRe: Sam440ep + ATI graphics card20110220 00:15  #2260

Thanks for the information that adding a PCI graphics card is not a complete loss and that it works. I have turned off a lot of the nice little Aos4 touches like transparency etc to save memory and to hopefully speed up Workbench a little. It would be nice to turn them back on again.
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