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logicalheartSAM 460ex SATA - PCIe 1x switch20110225 04:44
Does anyone know the Setenv command to enable the PCIe 1x slot? I've removed the jumper and changed it in the Uboot menu, but it stays on the internal SATA.
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logicalheartRe: SAM 460ex SATA - PCIe 1x switch20110301 01:36  #2531

Okay, it turns out this is a bug in the menu display. After changing the setting to PCIe and saving, the menu still displays Sata2. But, during boot Post, it reveals the change to PCIe was actually successful.
AntiqueRe: SAM 460ex SATA - PCIe 1x switch20110317 20:38  #2952

Have you tried booting from the onboard sata2? Is it working?
tonywRe: SAM 460ex SATA - PCIe 1x switch20110317 23:23  #2959

The onboard SATA has had problems in the past, which is why it was not included in the kicklayout by default. There should be an update for it on the horizon.
logicalheartRe: SAM 460ex SATA - PCIe 1x switch20110318 01:06  #2962

Here is what I've tried so far:
Sil 3114 controller: Boots
SDSC card: Boots
SDHC card: Boots
Sil 3112 controller: Works, but doesn't boot.
USB CD drive: Works, but doesn't boot.

PCIe to PCI adapter: not recognized.
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