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orginAmiga phone (etc)20110225 16:35
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kickoRe: Amiga phone (etc)20110225 18:02  #2465
sounds like a bad joke
LiveForItRe: Amiga phone (etc)20110225 18:56  #2466

Noting agent the “Amiga” name being using in a none combative way,

for example on TV's, Monitors.

But when the brand name is being used on standard Intel and AMD PC's that does not run AmigaOS, then I don't like like it.

When there AmigaOS name in use by Hyperion and there are computers called AmigaOne being sold, this will just brand name confusion.

If they can be nice work together and we be all happy.

Wonder what Commodore USA has to say about this.
ChrisHRe: Amiga phone (etc)20110225 19:32  #2471
I pretty much expect more foolish licencing of the Amiga name from Amiga Inc. The only thing I find surprising is that it took this long before they gave-up on their AmigaDE fantasy. (The timing seems to suggest it was Penti Kouri who kept Amiga Inc following that fantasy, for whatever reason. Perhaps he had thought he might regain something from all his lost investments?)
TroelsRe: Amiga phone (etc)20110226 08:01  #2477
On-topic: Seems Amiga Inc will license their name to anyone, perhaps as long as product is not related to AmigaOS4.
I wonder if A-eon tried to get a license for the X-1000 (it's fine they didn't).
AlexCRe: Amiga phone (etc)20110226 09:39  #2478
I have mixed feelings about this one.

It was bad enough that C=USA went from licensing the name under the pretense of producing x86 Amigas running AROS, only to turn around and offer generic x86 PCs running linux instead while still calling these Amigas.

Through their line of phones, tablets and AIO computers IContain is roughly doing the same thing: sticking the Amiga brand on products running competing operating systems which isn't helping our cause at all.

If their plan was to sell computer accessories to end users with the Amiga brand/logo, like some mouse, keyboard, monitor, external drive, etc, we would benefit to some degree, or even if they flooded the market with Amiga-branded PCs at least it would become a household name again, making it easier to draw mainstream interest to the the real thing, but since their entire business model revolves around selling remote-controlled devices, all this will get us is a bunch of people cursing at their phone, computer or TV with a "screw you Amiga!!!" when it shuts off right in the middle of a phone call, task or movie because they're late with their monthly payment...

In any case it won't have any impact on my ability to enjoy OS4 :-)
voxRe: Amiga phone (etc)20110227 21:34  #2502

Same as CUSA staff, so for no double standards, should be kept off.
Another great "Amiga" endavour of "Amiga Inc"

For those who like to have Amiga logo on device but no AmigaOS.

Its cheaper to use stickers
GebrochenRe: Amiga phone (etc)20111123 01:21  #3276

I only see one advantage, the LCD tv or the LCD displays for our real New Gen Amigas or classics. Everything else atm seems more like vapour ware!

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