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      AmigaOS 4  
jbniMessed Up My Icons in 4.1u220110227 10:49
I have no idea what I did, but I've managed to mess up my icons.

I haven't used my Sam440ep-flex in quite a while, and forgot I was having this problem.

Everything works okay, but when I select any icons and try to drag them, they're ghosted and a big 'X' appears over them

Anyone have a clue how I might have messed this up?

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ChrisHRe: Messed Up My Icons in 4.1u220110227 12:17  #2490
Ghosting is normal for dragging.

The big X indicates that you cannot drop it there (more specifically, it indicates that window is not an AppWindow, or (less usually) it is but it doesn't support dropping icons on that part of the AppWindow). If you get this for normal Workbench windows, then something very strange is going on - not sure what could cause that (maybe a missing system file? Or could a third-party add-on cause it?).
jbniRe: Messed Up My Icons in 4.1u220110227 17:36  #2498

The X shows up the instant I start to drag a file. Even in the same window.

I'm sure I did something or other that mangled the system, but have no idea WHAT, or how to undo it short of a reinstall.
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