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      AmigaOS 4  
ShadowTorque20110301 23:32

I have posted a small update to the TGE progress on game-engine.dk

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spotUPRe: Torque20110302 00:48  #2552

Great work!
SMFRe: Torque20110302 08:01  #2554

Great work! i didn't know about this project until now
DAXRe: Torque20110302 09:44  #2560
Heck, you MUST advertise this some more my friend, I didn't know about this either!
And to think that a month ago we were talking about game engines and since I mentioned DarkGDK is being ported to AmigaOS I was replied by my peer "I prefer Torque" (and I had no idea Torque too was being ported O_o).
Big kudos! Keep up the good work!

I'm sure there is people who doesn't know what Torque is, so put something more attractive as thread title, something on the lines of "New Game Engine for AOS4- Videos Inside" or something like that! :-)

Amazing video by the way.
cha05e90Re: Torque20110302 10:34  #2564

TiredOfLifeRe: Torque20110302 12:30  #2569

Looking good.
samo79Re: Torque20110302 12:32  #2570
Very nice, any WIP to try ? :-)

hotrodRe: Torque20110302 12:47  #2572

Great that you're still working on this :-) . Haven't played with it in ages but AFAICR it was pretty fun to create games using it.

Looking really good I must say :-) .
alfkilRe: Torque20110302 16:20  #2581

Nice :-) !

hansRe: Torque20110302 22:08  #2585

Good to see that you're making progress with this.

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