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logicalheartBrief Sam460 video20110303 10:01
Thanks Origin for the HTTP link info.

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orginRe: Brief Sam460 video20110303 13:55  #2601

Code for adding links:

DAXRe: Brief Sam460 video20110303 14:19  #2606
Tried to watch it with clipdown but doesn't work, I have getvideo 0.28 in c, and the (newest) rexx file in REXX:. I also have wget of course (the latter is always there as it doesn't get updated since 2004)
Any clues?
328gtsRe: Brief Sam460 video20110303 20:00  #2623

excellent vid! Thanks for posting :-)
DAXRe: Brief Sam460 video20110303 20:59  #2633
Did you use clipdown?
TSKRe: Brief Sam460 video20110303 21:41  #2639

I can verify GetVideo (v0.28) doesn't work anymore. We'll need a new version once again.


Sorry can't get expected data.

DAXRe: Brief Sam460 video20110303 21:47  #2641
Figures O_o
VooDooRe: Brief Sam460 video20110303 22:18  #2642

new getvideo version is uploaded to Aminet..waiting for refresh recent sw list..
328gtsRe: Brief Sam460 video20110304 00:11  #2649

no I'm sadly without an OS4.x system since I recently sold my Samflex@800 to make room for my future X1000 :-)

DAXRe: Brief Sam460 video20110304 11:14  #2656
I thought of it too, you know raising some money also selling my stuff here, but i'm so hooked I can't bear to live an "unspecified" number of months without an NG Amiga :P
Well, we have a new Amiga back comer at least :-)

I'm making a new guide for UAE as I discovered several new tricks (including improving that start up), should be up in a few days...
amigadadRe: Brief Sam460 video20110305 14:47  #2671

I plan on getting an X1000 and keeping my SamFlex800
logicalheartRe: Brief Sam460 video20110310 09:10  #2804
An example of what you can do with Winbar:

328gtsRe: Brief Sam460 video20110310 14:53  #2806
"amigadad wrote:

I plan on getting an X1000 and keeping my SamFlex800"

lucky guy :-)
328gtsRe: Brief Sam460 video20110310 14:57  #2807

ya trust me I know !..good thing is I'm hoping to see the new owner among us soon here and having another amigan enjoying OS4.x :-)

@ logicalheart

thanks for another great video!..love the quality of the video & sound..what do you use to record & what settings?
DAXRe: Brief Sam460 video20110313 23:47  #2854
There is sound! Where is it coming from? Beta sound driver or an add on PCI soundcard?
logicalheartRe: Brief Sam460 video20110313 23:54  #2855
I'm using external video recording equipment at 720p resolution.

The audio is with a PCI card:

DAXRe: Brief Sam460 video20110313 23:58  #2856
Ok cool!
Does it give any problem or does it work perfectly with no issues?

Also what GFX solution are you using, a video card or the built in GFX chip?
DAXRe: Brief Sam460 video20110315 10:46  #2888
More important than my previous question:can you expand on the "external video recording equipment" part?

HW? SW? OS? Price of the whole lot? :)
kas1eRe: Brief Sam460 video20110315 11:18  #2890

I trying to ask on youtybe about how he do good quality of vids, but he say that he not in interest to go into details about. Strange why through, pretty interesting to know what he use :)
markoRe: Brief Sam460 video20110315 17:39  #2896

I asked once as well, without any reply :/ I would also be interested to know what he uses... :)
DAXRe: Brief Sam460 video20110316 10:10  #2906
Well, I guess we would all like to display AmigaOS on you tube without resorting to the usual (and quite amateurish) "camera shooting a monitor" method.

It's time to spill the beans... :D
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