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hansRe: Brief Sam460 video20110316 21:38  #2920

More important than my previous question:can you expand on the "external video recording equipment" part?

HW? SW? OS? Price of the whole lot? :)

No idea what he's using, but the following hardware have HDMI inputs:
- Blackmagic Design: Intensity pro (no built-in encoder, so needs a very high-powered computer)
- AverMedia HD DVR (USB 2, built-in video encoder)
- Hauppauge Colossus (PCIe, built-in video encoder)

They're not cheap, but they will allow you to record high-quality video at full frame-rates without slowing the machine down like srec does.

logicalheartRe: Brief Sam460 video20110317 04:55  #2926
Good grief! Everyone's ganging up on me. I'm going to have to throw SAM motherboards at the crowd to keep the peace.

Hans is right. The Blackmagic Intensity Pro PCI is one of the devices I use in conjunction with some other items. It took a long time to get a collection of recording items that actually worked together and didn't cost $10,000. I still have to pull a few tricks with it to make it record. It isn't a setup that is easily reproduced and so I don't like going into the topic.
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