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DAXCatWeasel Mk4 info needed20110303 15:04
I read the Catweasel support page and remember there was a good thread about it on the old site, but since it is gone (and I still have some questions left) I wanted to ask the following:

1)Once the Catwease is installed can I just insert an amiga-classic floppy and have it pop-up in OS4 workbench automatically?

2)Can all classic disks (including copy protected ones) be explored using OS4 standard facilities, or do they need a special utility?

3)I read that I can use original floppies to install a game on the HD using WHDload, but what about those that natively supported HD installation, can I install those directly from OS4 (and play them with RunInUae)?

4)If I have the original disks of Amiga software that is known to run in OS4 can I install the programs directly from those?

5)Some classic APPS like DPainIV run under OS4, can I run them from floppy just as I would do on my A2000 (pop the disk in, double click the tool icon and go?)

Some other "AmigaRelated" Catweasel feature?
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mbrantleyRe: CatWeasel Mk4 info needed20110303 16:36  #2613

I have a CW4 in my Sam440ep-flex and use it to read and write Amiga floppies from the OS4 Workbench, shell and from within applications such as Directory Opus. I even installed a 5.25-inch floppy drive for reading Commodore 64 disks. The disk icons do appear on the Workbench screen, and even the drive lights flash every seconds just like on a classic Amiga. Maybe if my room was quieter I'd hear the familiar Amiga "click."

Favorite feature: Plug an actual SID chip (or two) into the CW and play SID music on the real hardware from within VICE. Now I want an OS4 program that will play SID tunes without having to run the C64 emulator.
mbrantleyRe: CatWeasel Mk4 info needed20110303 16:36  #2614
dupe post.
DAXRe: CatWeasel Mk4 info needed20110303 17:52  #2619
Thanks for replying to my questons n.1 and 2 (and to the "special features" part), do you know anything about 3, 4, and 5?
LiveForItRe: CatWeasel Mk4 info needed20110303 21:18  #2636

1) Yes

2) Some one else should answer this one,

3) Yes

4) Yes

5) Yes (Some programs requires prefs / configuration file to be hacked or screen mode to be promoted to RTG.)
DAXRe: CatWeasel Mk4 info needed20110303 22:42  #2645
So if for example I get a Monkey Island 2 off ebay, and I want to install it on my Catweasel armed Sam, all I have to do is put Floppy N.1 in and follow the standard procedure? (of course after installation I would drag the Monky icon over RunInUae icon)
Or install Real3D and TV Paint from my floppies? (these should run in OS4 directly)

LiveForItRe: CatWeasel Mk4 info needed20110303 23:49  #2648

Yes, but be really careful whit installers, you might be installing old shit in OS4 instead of in UAE.
DAXRe: CatWeasel Mk4 info needed20110304 11:23  #2658
Are file/lib names still the same? If you "just" add stuff in it wouldn't be a problem on the other hand, if this stuff overwrites similarly named modern renditions, then we are in trouble XD
Anyway, thanks for the infos, must buy little thingy IMHO :)
328gtsRe: CatWeasel Mk4 info needed20110304 14:59  #2663

get the CWMK4+ cause you won't regret it :-) Heck the fact that I could use a 5.25 (my old 64 stuff) and 3.25 (Amiga & PC stuff) in my OS4.x case is reason enough for me !

btw, send Ian (spirantho) an email as he's the chief responsible for our OS4.1 drivers and is a great guy to boot ;-)

MH2Re: CatWeasel Mk4 info needed20110318 10:03  #2965
Homepage: http://www.retroreview.com/iang/Catweasel/

You should have PCI Vendor 0x1159, ID 0x0001
in your PCI expansion boards list, when using
the ... program too see if there are signal from
the CW-device.

I have a list of floppydisk drivers that
works whith the CW MK4+, on my SamFlex.


Sony 9410 1/130
Modell nr: MPF 520-1



Sony 9506 1/131
Modell no: MPF 520-1



Sony 9701 1/131
Modell no: MPF 520-1


One PC-Floppydrive
Modell no: NEC FD1231H

Dosent work :<
SpiranthoRe: CatWeasel Mk4 info needed20110318 15:02  #2974

Generally speaking Sony and Teac drives work well. Mitsumi ones don't, I thought NEC ones did - maybe some do and some don't.

I've also connected 3 different 5.25" and three 3" (not 3.5", 3.0"!) drives, all worked fine.
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