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tfriedenTimberwolf progress20110303 20:18
First of all, I have to say sorry for the long silence. The past months have been very busy and didn't leave us lots of time for anything.

However, we've picked up on Timberwolf again, and are making good progress. Basically, it now compiles (based on the 4.0, I think beta 7 source code of Firefox). Since the new rendering code isn't fully implemented yet, it won't show anything, but we're making progress with that. Hopefully, we'll be able to come up with more news near the end of the month.
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joeledRe: Timberwolf progress20110303 20:21  #2625

Thank you for the update!!
samo79Re: Timberwolf progress20110303 20:22  #2626

WOW, that's an extra cool for sure, still waiting for some grabs when possible :-)

Welcome back !
tommysammyRe: Timberwolf progress20110303 20:22  #2627

eliyahuRe: Timberwolf progress20110303 20:25  #2628

thrilled to hear timberwolf work is picking back up. very much looking forward to screenshots when you get the time!

-- eliyahu
AntiqueRe: Timberwolf progress20110303 20:30  #2629

Nice,nice,and more nice. :D
Good to hear it's moving forward. Best of luck.
TiredOfLifeRe: Timberwolf progress20110303 20:35  #2630

Sounds good, thanks for the update and your continued hard work.

kas1eRe: Timberwolf progress20110303 20:45  #2631
Cool ! Hope to see bug-free version of ff someday.

Even if 5.x versions of ff will out while you works 4.x, please do not drop all the work which will done on 4.x (as was with 3.x-4.x lately). For today even 3.6 version of ff without bugs will be very good.
cha05e90Re: Timberwolf progress20110303 20:56  #2632
Thanks for the update!

samo79Re: Timberwolf progress20110303 20:59  #2634

Mmm i don't believe too mutch in a 5.0 "so-soon", IMHO isn't really near the corner aniway ... it looks like a propaganda for the mass :-P


Please have a look on TenFourFox project !

DAXRe: Timberwolf progress20110303 21:01  #2635
Great to hear! :)
TSKRe: Timberwolf progress20110303 21:39  #2638

Thanks ! Nice to know.
kickoRe: Timberwolf progress20110303 22:24  #2643
thanks for the info :)
billtRe: Timberwolf progress20110303 22:33  #2644

TuxedoRe: Timberwolf progress20110303 23:18  #2646

nice to ear that! :D
elwoodRe: Timberwolf progress20110303 23:27  #2647

Danke for the information.
nubechecorreRe: Timberwolf progress20110304 00:17  #2650

Thanks for the hard work of this big project :)

ChrisHRe: Timberwolf progress20110304 10:14  #2654
Awesome :-)
slayerRe: Timberwolf progress20110304 10:41  #2655
It's certainly hard to not keep smiling these days

WTG Team!

fairdinkemRe: Timberwolf progress20110305 09:16  #2666

nice hope progress continues swiftly
NimrodRe: Timberwolf progress20110305 15:41  #2672

There's nice.
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