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DAXLCDs Vertical frequency (?)20110304 11:28
I just wanted to check with as many users as possible, what's the incidence (if any) of 50hz capable LCD monitors.
Would it be possible for example, to display a 640x480@50hz screen mode on your LCD?

Thank you in advance for your help!
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RIBDEVIL1Re: LCDs Vertical frequency (?)20110304 14:56  #2662

Mmmm, I think that all LCD in Europe works from 60 Khz and above, but this monday, I try a long test with the LCDs in my office, there are from various models and marks, so I can test HP, LG AND Phillips LCD's.

tonywRe: LCDs Vertical frequency (?)20110304 15:11  #2664

Did you mean 60 Hz? 60 kHz is the H frequency, not the V that Dax was asking about.


If the monitor has a composite or S-Video input, then it will be bound to handle 50 Hz. Otherwise, most monitors only go down to 60 Hz, and occasionally 56.

Having said that, it's not always true. My Samsung 730 MW TV/monitor here is supposed to go down to 50 Hz and has composite and S-Video inputs, but it can't handle the monochrome input from an A500.
RIBDEVIL1Re: LCDs Vertical frequency (?)20110304 15:14  #2665

Your right, it's a "digital mistaque", from my finger :))))
DAXRe: LCDs Vertical frequency (?)20110305 12:00  #2668
Thanks be looking forward to it.

Angain thanks. The reason I'm looking for this data is to check if a 640x480@50hz screen mode can be handled by LCDs, since most LCD users cannot use the best possible settings when using RunInUae (classic games in particular).
I made a special set-up for the above res (using a CRT VGA monitor though) so would like to hear if it would be common for LCD owners, to benefit from it.

Would it be (also) possible that newer 200Hz models have a larger scan range available?
RIBDEVIL1Re: LCDs Vertical frequency (?)20110308 20:50  #2761

Well, I view all the diferent TFT monitors in my job, and all starts the refresh frecuency from 60Hz.

There's 4 diferent marks LG, Phillips, HP and ACER, all are 17", except two HP from the design department, that get HP 22".

DAXRe: LCDs Vertical frequency (?)20110308 22:58  #2765
No luck then huh? Thanks anyway.
You know what I think though, that 320x256@200Hz should be possible on hi-end monitors (I seem to recall 200Hz is a requirement for Nvidia 3D vision).
They might be a little expensive right now, but you know how LCDs drop in price after a while, they may become dirt cheap soon enough.
200Hz would prove very beneficial for smooth scrolling, V-Sync would be spot on.
DAXRe: LCDs Vertical frequency (?)20110309 19:34  #2791
By the way, do you have access to a CRT monitor (nearby an OS4 machine :D)?
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