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ValiantCodeBench status?20110306 17:31
What's the current CodeBench status, Rigo? Getting close to a release?

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rigoRe: CodeBench status?20110306 17:42  #2690

Well, yes. The current crop of internal testers have the latest beta which is very close to a 0.14 release. A public version will be released once this phase is complete.

ValiantRe: CodeBench status?20110306 18:50  #2697

Thanks for the info. Hope there's a commercial release so that I can buy.
MenthosRe: CodeBench status?20110307 09:39  #2704

I'm looking forward to a new version!
PhantomRe: CodeBench status?20110308 18:44  #2750

Nice to hear that. Are you planning to include AmigaE (PortablE) as a plugin for Codebench?

ChrisHRe: CodeBench status?20110308 20:04  #2760
That would be cool (for people who like IDEs anyway...).
rigoRe: CodeBench status?20110309 02:22  #2772

If I rememeber rightly, I said i would look into it. Having done that, the amount of current users of "Portable", or AmigaE, are currently insufficient to warrant the developement time of a dedicated plugin.

On the upside, the current focus is on the php/html plugin, which will offer features only found on some of the higher end packages.

Stay tuned for more information.

xeronRe: CodeBench status?20110309 19:10  #2789
Codebench status?

The current status of Codebench is: Awesome.


xeronRe: CodeBench status?20110309 19:12  #2790
BTW, in theory, you could develop PortablE projects in Codebench.

You can create a syntax definition file yourself. Its just that things like quick links or error highlighting won't work.

I think.

I dunno.

You really should make a plugin SDK so others can make plugins.
rigoRe: CodeBench status?20110310 00:27  #2801

I wish it was that easy, but unfortunately the plugins are a lot more integrated than you would normally expect of a "plugin". They should probably be labelled differently, as they are so much more than that. In fact, CodeBench cannot function without one.

DAXRe: CodeBench status?20110310 11:44  #2805
PortableE with the recent "simple" examples ChrisH has made is steering some attention. My guess is that an easy to use "amos" like language coupled with a powerful ide such as the one you're making, would be quite a killer app, and might invite wannabe programmers back at using their keyboards forsomething more than just posting in forums :)
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