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ValiantTunenet?20110306 17:40
Bean, where are you dude?

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TuxedoRe: Tunenet?20110306 18:13  #2692

I quote the thread...
Hope that we dont have lost Bean...TuneNET was a really needed app for AmigaOS and it still left some important features(like a compilation manager) to be complete...

Anyone knows anything about Bean?
Mikey_CRe: Tunenet?20110306 18:25  #2693

I sent him an email some months ago, he replied, but his life is very full at the moment 3 very young girls. He's been busy ;-)
TuxedoRe: Tunenet?20110306 18:34  #2694

GoodLuck with the childs :)
Hope that him will come back asap he can :)
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