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TSKHyperBench20110306 23:05
New version 0.22 of HyperBench is on os4depot. New features, internal improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy !
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kas1eRe: HyperBench20110307 14:51  #2714

Just do little test of new version: after running, i go to my KINGSTON flash, then "show all files", and it start to auto-refresh all the time something one time in few secs. And all the time like this. Pluse, when i start to do resizing there and theren, i have gfx corruptions, check this out screenshot there of that corruption.

And still that old problem about "new shell". I just run hyperbench, then do "tools/shell", and have "NEWSHELL: wrong number of arguments" (i use kcon). I think that problem can be just "put on hold", because i hope in next update we will have new shell, so no more kcon and everything will be the same all the time without all that kcon-hacks.
TSKRe: HyperBench20110307 16:59  #2719

Thanks a lot giving feedback.

I think that gfx corruption is related to how I handle window resizing. I guess it's also related to you have a faster machine than I do. I have to check how I can handle this. :-|

What KingCon-handler version you have ? I have KingCON-handler (68020+) 1.8 (4.2.06). Version of NewShell: shell 53.7 (29.9.09).
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