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TSKUnable to resolve symbol 'pthread_mutex_lock'20101214 19:32
I have compiled OWBcookieJar using libsqlite3.so and I get following message when running the program: "Unable to resolve symbol 'pthread_mutex_lock'. " I've compiled it with: gcc -o OWBCookieJar OWBCookieJar.c -use-dynld -lauto -lsqlite3 -O0

So what's wrong ? It worked originally and I don't remember what might have changed since then.
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kas1eRe: Unable to resolve symbol 'pthread_mutex_lock'20101214 20:08  #98
I remember its something pretty usuall, something like "-lpthread". The easy way as i do its just do search in whole SDK, in the .a , on symbol which you can't resolve, and where it will be found and looks logic by name , then it is it.

Those unresolver symbol errors also happens only on running stage because you use -use-dynld => you can compile everything with it, with unresolved symbols in reality, but you will see problems/crashes on running only

Imho one more good way , its for first build everything as static (and found which libs are need it), and then only add -use-dynld on end stage.
TSKRe: Unable to resolve symbol 'pthread_mutex_lock'20101216 01:35  #145
I found the problem. AmigaOS update2 has one libsqlite3.so which doesn't have those functions and there's another libsqlite3.so in my OWB drawer which has those functions. I checked all my OWB archives and didn't find any sobjs so I don't remember which OWB version had all sobjs or where I got them from.
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