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ChrisHRunInUAE r4 released20110311 15:00
Just a quick note that I've finally got around to releasing a non-beta version of RunInUAE r4:

Not much has changed since the last beta:
* The installer no-longer adds 320x240/256 screenmodes when someone is using DDC, since this can have unpredictable effect on Workbench & other screens (because of how OS4 currently works).
* The installer now lists Amiga Forever 2011 as acceptable.
* The manual now clearly says why E-UAE may not be viewable at 320x240, and how to fix this.
* Nicer AmigaGuide manual (better laid out).
* Slightly shorter text in the main window (hopefully more people will now actually read it...).

If you hadn't tried the beta, then these are the other changes since r3:
* Added CD32 emulation! Use "Boot CD32" from the "Control E-UAE" menu.
* E-UAE's Workbench now uses a High-Res screen mode when a 640x480 screen is
used. Much nicer, especially for 68k programs!

* Stopped an occasional RunInUAE start-up crash, which could happen when
patching Workbench.
* Removed the "640x480 (for programs)" menu option, as it was unnecessary.
* Strips the path from WHDLoad & IconX default tooltypes, so now more likely to
work inside E-UAE.

* Removed need for the C:RunInUAE_dummy executable. It will be deleted by the
installer if it exists.
* Rewrote the menu code, which makes it far easier to modify, and also looks a
bit better.
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PhantomRe: RunInUAE r4 released20110311 15:03  #2821

Oooooohhh.... CD32 emulation.... sounds great Chris, thanx! ;-)
SnuffyRe: RunInUAE r4 released20110312 02:14  #2824
Hi @ ChrisH

* E-UAE's Workbench now uses a High-Res screen mode when a 640x480 screen is used. Much nicer, especially for 68k programs!
Errrr; uuuummmm; please be aware of other program configurations:

Well, here's why i haven't touched RunInUae since your first release! =:o I love James Battle's AIAB 10r.5 and the Scalos Workbench. So, when i went to use RunInUae for the first time to launch AIAB -- Aaarrrggg -- what a nightmare! It would boot-up with Scalos Errors ands me shouting - "what the "F***" goes on now" ! It took a long time to figure out the most obvious problem: AIAB requires a 32bit screen-mode, but I was unaware of that at the time and RunInUae wasn't say anything either - so RunInUae=delete. Being a bit smarter now than then, I may give it another go. The problem with new programs is the configuration and what they are exactly!

sundownRe: RunInUAE r4 released20110312 03:52  #2825

Sorry, disregard, figured my problem out.
ChrisHRe: RunInUAE r4 released20110312 10:05  #2826
please be aware of other program configurations:

I'm afraid that I don't understand your explanation of your problem. Can you please try to spell it out a bit simpler? (And also be clear whether you are talking about settings inside or outside the emulated environment.)
PhantomRe: RunInUAE r4 released20110316 22:47  #2922

Thanks, already tested it. Really straight-forward and easy to run an Amiga game. One query though. I tried Speedball 2 but the sound wasn't perfect. Is any solution to that?
ChrisHRe: RunInUAE r4 released20110317 10:24  #2933
You could try reducing the frame rate.

But DAX has found that playing with the "cpu_speed=" setting (e.g. using a value of 8) helps on many games. There was a thread on AW.net with more details. I hope to use some of his settings as default for the next release of RunInUAE.
PhantomRe: RunInUAE r4 released20110317 10:48  #2935

Thanks for the answer. I'll try to do that tonight together with altering some other settings as well.
ChrisHRe: RunInUAE r4 released20110317 12:50  #2940
When playing with cpu_speed settings, don't forget to that in a "per game" config file! You can do this by dropping the game on RunInUAE's window, and telling it to create/edit a Per Game config.
PhantomRe: RunInUAE r4 released20110317 17:20  #2946

Yup, I know that, but thanx anyway. ;-)
fingusRe: RunInUAE r4 released20110318 10:33  #2966
I can confirm, that with my settings:

800x600 in scanlines, lores=disabled, correct_aspect_ratio=no

games like Turrican1 run without any graphics or sound slowdowns on my sam440ep/667Mhz.

I tried out lower resolutions, they donīt seem to be faster also without scanlines enabled and look bad on my 1600x1200 native screen.

I also figured out that the scanline-mode drawn the lines like this:

Line1: Mainlinecontent with less luminance
Line2: Mainlinecontent with full luminance
Line3: same like Line1
Line4: Black
Repeat like Line1 with next Line-Content.

Maybe Line 5 is also a black spacer line, its hard to see black line on such high physical resolution.

Shouldnīt it be like this:

Line1: Maincontent with full liminance
Line2: Black
Repeat like Line1 with next Line-Content


Line1: Maincontent with full liminance
Line2: Maincontent with full liminance
Line2: Black
Repeat like Line1 with next Line-Content

TrevorDRe: RunInUAE r4 released20110318 19:27  #2977

Excellent news Chris. I will download and try on my Sam440ep.


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