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PhantomAmiUpdate author20101214 22:57
I need help to get contact with Simon Archer, the author of AmiUpdate. It has to do with some locale files that they are currently outdated in the current AmiUpdate's archive.

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slayerRe: AmiUpdate author20101214 23:14  #106

I'd say he won't be too far away
rigoRe: AmiUpdate author20101214 23:29  #107


PhantomRe: AmiUpdate author20101215 00:26  #108

Ah.. here you are... :P

I have just finished the greek localization for AmiUpdate and its preferences (2 catalog files). But upon checking them, it seems that the included .ct and .cd files are outdated compared to the newest version. Where I can get the latest ones?

rigoRe: AmiUpdate author20101215 01:31  #112

Erm, good question. I'll add them to the downloads page.

I'll let you know when they are available.

PhantomRe: AmiUpdate author20101215 01:34  #113

Ok Simon, thanx.

Where I'll send my finished catalog files, so that they will be available with the next version of AmiUpdate (or via update probably)?
rigoRe: AmiUpdate author20101215 01:36  #115

You can send any AmiUpdate related emails to simon()amiupdate.net.

PhantomRe: AmiUpdate author20101215 01:37  #116

Ok Simon, thanks again (I'll wait for the updated catalog files). ;-)
rigoRe: AmiUpdate author20101215 10:40  #120

The .cd and .ct files are now available on the AmiUpdate website (downloads)

PhantomRe: AmiUpdate author20101215 12:56  #123

Ok, thanks, it seems though that's the same as the old one. Via AmiUpdate program a string is still missing.

When it finds an update and press information button, a new window appears. The string at the top that says "a new version of XXX program..." etc is missing from the catalog files.

Also it would be nice to upload also the catalog files for the prefs_amiupdate. It seems not to be included.
rigoRe: AmiUpdate author20101215 19:13  #128

OK, I have included the preferences editor files in the archive as well.

Regarding the missing strings, some strings are buried in the database, and cannot be localised, so unfortunately this might be one of the ones you are thinking of.

PhantomRe: AmiUpdate author20101216 00:16  #138

Ok I've downloaded them. Hmm, they are exactly the same.

Look for this in Update_Prefs tool.

First tab, if you choose to check for updates every month, then you have also select which day. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc appears, but that's not included in the catalog file.

rigoRe: AmiUpdate author20101216 00:32  #140

OK, I'll check that when I get the time. Thanks.

PhantomRe: AmiUpdate author20101216 00:48  #143

No problem. I, thank you Simon for your time. :-)
rigoRe: AmiUpdate author20101216 02:19  #147

OK, the new translator files have been uploaded, and a new Updates preferences editor (53.5) has been released that will utilise these translated strings.

nubechecorreRe: AmiUpdate author20101216 15:51  #155


Hi Rigo :-)

i'd like to ask you something about CodeBench but i don't want to open a new thread about that, because i can imagine that you already answered to this kind of question.. i'd like to know when will it available as i'd like to buy it :-)

PhantomRe: AmiUpdate author20101216 16:06  #156

OK Simon, thanx. I'll send you the greek localization shortly to included it in AmiUpdate next release.
xenicRe: AmiUpdate author20101216 16:56  #157
I haven't used AmiUpdate before but since the latest AmiDVD only seems to be available through AmiUpdate, I tried to install AmiUpdate and get AmiDVD. After a 2 day struggle, I still can't get AmiDVD. Since AmiUpdate seems to make certain assumptions about the users installation and mine is unique, I had some problems just installing 2.4 and updating to 2.5. I keep my SYS: partition write protected and don't let any programs change the SYS: files as installed by the Hyperion installation disk. I have a seperate set of directories for any 3rd party additions (like assign ADD extralibs LIBS: etc.). As a result I booted with a backup SYS: partition that isn't write protected and installed AmiUpdate. Then I moved everything to where I wanted them (the prefs program to the AmiUpdate directory and library to SYS:extralibs). Finally I was able to open AmiUpdate but the scan didn't work. After eventually reinstalling OS4 and AmiUpdate I notice that AmiUpdate was opening a small message window which I didn't really notice before on the white background (the message background is white and doesn't show up well with other windows open and somewhat transparent). The message indicates that there is no network connection. I started AmiUpdate after starting my dialup connection so it should have worked. Finally I discovered that AmiUpdate only finds a connection if I visit a site like Amigans.net with OWB before scanning for updates.

AmiUpdate now works but always shows an update available for the prefs program (Updates). It never shows an update for AmiDVD so I have nothing to show for all my work. Does anyone have any suggestions that will let me get the latest AmiDVD??

NOTE: AmiUpdate keeps showing an update for Xad-RAR that has an older date than the OS4 installed RAR (2008 vs 2009 for currently installed RAR). The AmiUpdate RAR has no version string so I'm wondering why AmiUpdate thinks I should replace a newer version with an older one??

NOTE2: I can get system freezes when running Snoopy and AmiUpdate at the same time. I can reproduce it by write protecting my system partition, starting Snoopy, starting AmiUpdate and unwriteprotecting (lock off) the partition while the AmiUpdate generated systemrequester is open. I'm not sure if it's a Snoopy problem or AmiUpdate issue.

rigoRe: AmiUpdate author20101216 18:57  #161



rigoRe: AmiUpdate author20101216 19:23  #162

AmiUpdate has to make certain assumptions about the installed system in order to find the applications it is trying to check. In order to do this, it relies on some files being present on the system, and if that volume is write-protected, it is highly likely that those files will not be created, hence AmiUpdate cannot find them.
I have never tested AmiUpdate with a locked system partition, and quite frankly I don't see the need to. This is an extremely rare situation that only very few users will put themselves into, and one which is definitely not recommended.

Yes, you are quite correct about the network detection code, it needs some more work on it. It does rely on some prior traffic over the network, which is why it is found after looking at a web site (data is tranferred).

As far as AmiDVD not being detected, I can only suggest you enable the verbose option from the menus before starting a scan of the system, then it should tell you where it looked for each application. If the log says it couldn't find AmiDVD, then perhaps the APPDIR: functionality is not working because of your locked SYS:

According to the database, the version and date information is the same as the xad plugin that the entry pertains to. It interogates libs:xad/RAR for the version information, so if you have two versions installed (one in SYS:Libs and one in LIBEXTRA:) perhaps the wrong one is being detected, again the log will tell you (in verbose mode) where it looked first.

As for the freeze, no idea. No-one else has reported this, but I don't suppose too many people run Snoopy while scanning their systems :)

Hope this helps.


PS. The full documentation for AmiUpdate is now available here
nubechecorreRe: AmiUpdate author20101216 20:02  #164

thanks :-), good work, hope you'll release the final version as soon as possible :-)
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