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amigo1JXF4 glitch20110315 09:18
I just couldn't find a search function on the temp website, so if this had ben reported before, I apologise.

I noticed that on JXF4 the links are not marked. On Workbench preferences-Text Mode-Appearance it is set to underline link names. Neider in text mode nor in Icon mode the links show up as underlined. No problem on SFS or DOS7.

Taking in account some of my previous not reproducible "bug reports" (I apologise), I tested this 3 times. After 3 reboots.

This is on AmigaONE XE OS4.1 update 2.

1>echo "hello hand" to grip
1>makelink rope to grip

"rope" is underlined on SFS and DOS7 it is not on JXF4 partitions.

Small feature request: Add a setting to prevent underlining file names in Icon mode.
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nexusRe: JXF4 glitch20110315 09:28  #2883

What u did here is a hard link. Maybe only soft links are underlined?

With hard links you can delete either the target or the source and the content of your file will still be there (either at the position of the source or the target -- depends of what you delete). So, it's more like keeping the content (synchronized) at two different locations but without wasting the space of a copy. Therefore, it's not exactly clear what should be underlined?

With soft links you indeed only create a pointer to the real content.
Then, it's more obvious to visually show the link.

It's just a guess, but maybe it's therefore a feature not a bug? :-)

salass00Re: JXF4 glitch20110315 09:52  #2886

It's probably what nexus said. IIRC SFS doesn't support hard links at all so it probably fallbacks to creating a soft link instead. If you want to create a soft link with MakeLink command you should be using the SOFT option (i.e. "makelink rope to grip soft").
amigo1Re: JXF4 glitch20110315 09:58  #2887

Just tried it out, but no. Neither soft links are marked.

And I found a new glitch/feature.

same example as before on a JXF4 partition but with a soft lilnk creates a file with the same name as the original:

1>echo hello hand to grip
1>makelink rope to grip SOFT

now I have to files with the same name "grip"??
amigo1Re: JXF4 glitch20110315 11:08  #2889

Those little gremlins in my amiga give me headakes.. roll:
All the following is on a JXF4 partition:

So after a soft reboot the icons are underlined.
If I create a new link it is not,.I have to reboot in order to have its name to display underlined (other file system it is instantaneous)

Now have a look at this: (shell log)

8.Work2: 0 0 [0,001.577] Tuesday 15.03.2011 10:15:24
> echo hello to 1
8.Work2: 0 0 [0,571.126] Tuesday 15.03.2011 10:15:50
> makelink 2 to 1 soft
8.Work2: 0 0 [0,001.553] Tuesday 15.03.2011 10:16:01
> dir
.recycled (dir)
Personal (dir)
Trashcan (dir)
1 2 <sl> Disk.info Personal.info
8.Work2: 0 0 [0,000.942] Tuesday 15.03.2011 10:26:28
> echo hello to 3
8.Work2: 0 0 [0,001.154] Tuesday 15.03.2011 10:26:32
> makelink 4 to 3 soft
8.Work2: 0 0 [0,001.481] Tuesday 15.03.2011 10:26:43
> echo hello to 5
8.Work2: 0 0 [0,001.015] Tuesday 15.03.2011 10:26:57
> makelink 6 to 5
8.Work2: 0 0 [0,001.388] Tuesday 15.03.2011 10:27:05
> dir
.recycled (dir)
Personal (dir)
Trashcan (dir)
1 2 <sl> 3 4 <sl>
5 6 Disk.info Personal.info

but the workbench window displays two files named "1" and two named "3"

now do the same in an sub directory and the is no mystery:

> makedir new
8.Work2: 0 0 [0,007.875] Tuesday 15.03.2011 10:29:46
> cd new
8.Work2:new 0 0 [0,000.675] Tuesday 15.03.2011 10:29:49
> echo hello to 1
8.Work2:new 0 0 [0,010.014] Tuesday 15.03.2011 10:30:49
> makelink 2 to 1 soft
8.Work2:new 0 0 [0,001.502] Tuesday 15.03.2011 10:31:06
> dir
1 2 <sl>

The workbench window display as expected:

And no, selecting "update" on the workbench menu does not do the trick... What was it, do I need water to kill the gremlins?

edit: there is more: a soft-link can not be dragged to the Trashcan in a JXF4 partition. If the original file is deleted, context menu does not see the link.
chrisRe: JXF4 glitch20110315 12:40  #2891

And no, selecting "update" on the workbench menu does not do the trick...

Should do, works here.

The display is always screwed up on JXFS immediately after creating a softlink.
amigo1Re: JXF4 glitch20110316 10:07  #2905

Oh forget it! I think I need some break from computers.

The harddrive on my Sam crashed, put in a new one and I can't even manage to install OS4.1u1
I burned the CD 3 times (with relative downloads), it hangs on selecting the Locale pref. even afterwards if I install without selecting a Locale during installation. And the AmiDock does not close subdock if I re-click on the subdock icon! What's going on!?!?!?

And the original OS4.1 does not load further than the boot screen. I suppose it has something to do with the UBoot updates for Sam440. Out of curiosity could s.o. please try it. At least I get to know if it's something with my Sam440Flex 800.. UBoot 1.3.1d and no PCI Update Thanks folks.

Please Hyperion add a MD5 or SHA1 checksum to the Download page!!!!!!!

nbacheRe: JXF4 glitch20110316 23:53  #2924

Don't forget that loading Locale Prefs, espcially from a slow(ish) CD/DVD drive takes "forever" because of the many small flag picture files. You have to allow many minutes before you pass the verdict that it hangs.

BTW, if LhA can extract (or "Test" - using the T command) the archive without error messages, it is not corrupt. So you don't necesarily need an MD5/SHA1 checksum.

Best regards,

amigo1Re: JXF4 glitch20110317 08:38  #2927
10 minutes loading time is that enough? After all the mouse pointer freezes too after a while. I have noticed tho, that the OS is not frozen, in fact after pushing the eject button it comes up with some requesters. I can not really tell about what it is complaining since the requester title is cut off at the first letter of the the complaing process.

ATM the SAM is running memtester.lzx (os4depot) since yesterday 20h PM so I can not grab a screenshot..

The first test I made with ppc-memtest (aminet) went through without reported errors.

Before I'm going to contact acube, I want to try to exclude every "user error".

Could it be the iso archive on Hyperions webpage is a wrong one?

I'll start a new thread about this.
fairdinkemRe: JXF4 glitch20110317 12:43  #2938

I replied to your other thread with a probable solution to your installation dilema
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