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orginWebsite engine updates20110316 16:52
Recent changes to the site:

    - You can submit images to the site. "Submit Image" in top menu and "View images" in left menu

    - There's a "Home" link at the bottom of every page

    - A rudimentary search page has been added. "Search" in top menu

    - You can see your submitted images on your profile page

    - You can set which forums are displayed on the front page. See [Settings] link on profile page

    - You can set the date and time format. See [Settings] link of profile page

    - Each comment now has a direct link that can be bookmarked

    - Direct comment links has been added where appropriate, such as on the profile page

    - Comments now show who last edited them

    - You can set the number of thread on front page on settings page

Last edited by orgin at 20110322 07:59
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joeledRe: Website engine updated20110316 17:23  #2916

orginRe: Website engine updated20110317 12:04  #2936

And now you'll find a random image to the right on the front page as well.
orginRe: Website engine updated20110318 13:15  #2971

And there's now a rudimentary search function in the top menu.

Search does not yet search in comments, such as comments in a thread.
328gtsRe: Website engine updated20110319 00:03  #2980

honestly, I appreciate your efforts but why bother?? Our REAL site should be on line any day now supposedly..unless you know something we don't ???

orginRe: Website engine updated20110319 10:29  #2989

If there's any other functionality you guys want then just post here and I'll consider it.

328gtsRe: Website engine updated20110319 20:12  #2999
Skinner ?
orginRe: Website engine updated20110319 20:17  #3000

NicsoftRe: Website engine updated20110319 21:22  #3001
How about changing the "eye-unfriendly" grey on grey on white - look?
And the light-brown text on white background? That would improve this site a lot I think... :-)
orginRe: Website engine updated20110319 21:40  #3003

That would be the theme designers job, ie. mason. Not mine. I was asking for functionality that people want, not eye candy.

Beyond that you can always use the old theme by selecting it in the left menu.
derfsRe: Website engine updated20110320 02:06  #3010

After editing a post, the date/time it was done displayed at the bottom of the post would be nice.

dont know which would be easier/better, adding it automatically after clicking 'update' or putting it in the text box itself at the bottom before clicking 'update'.

Also, the way the dates are displayed (20110320), is that able to be set per member in preferences, or even just one way globally, to display it like '20/03/2011' or '03/20/2011' for example.
orginRe: Website engine updated20110320 08:09  #3012

Good suggestions! I've added them to the ToDo list.
emeckRe: Website engine updated20110320 10:29  #3013

Thanks for the improvements to the site!

A link to return to the top (or to Home) after the posts in forums and news items (near the Navigate one).
tonywRe: Website engine updated20110320 11:05  #3014

Could we have a "Home" link at the bottom of a thread page? Currently we have to scroll up to the top of the page to find a "Home" link.
derfsRe: Website engine updated20110320 11:35  #3015

clicking the numbers next to navigate takes you to the top of the page, or did you mean back to the home page 'amigans.net'?

Last edited by derfs at 20110320 18:30
orginRe: Website engine updated20110320 11:42  #3016
@emeck & tonyw

Okey I've added that to the todo list as well.

orginRe: Website engine updated20110320 11:43  #3017

You can now select a few date and time formats on the view profile page, just click the [Settings] link at he top.

Let me know if I should add more formats.
chrisRe: Website engine updated20110320 12:26  #3018

How about read/unread status on posts, so when a user visits a thread they can see which posts they've read (and preferably jump to "first unread" from the thread link)?
derfsRe: Website engine updated20110320 13:55  #3020

excellent, thankyou!

one thing, clicking on update opened a new tab on my browser, can it just update the existing tab like updating my profile does at the moment?
orginRe: Website engine updated20110320 15:39  #3022

Oups! Should be fixed now :)
derfsRe: Website engine updated20110320 15:41  #3023

yup it is, thanks again
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