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jbniIMDB Client with modern IMDB data?20110319 06:31
Recently, irked over the latest IMDB page redesign, I thought 'Hey, you used to be able to download it as text files. Can you still?' So I looked. And not only can you, it still comes with the Amiga client!

Unfortunately, when trying to build the database, MovieMUI gives the error:

A limit has been exceeded: There is a record longer than LONGEST_INPUT_ENTRY
Errorcode: 711-20-53

This happens when it's processing the Biographies list file.

Is there any way around this? Or is it just that the modern IMDB is way too big for the program to handle?

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cha05e90Re: IMDB Client with modern IMDB data?20110319 10:17  #2988

If someone's able to get hold of the source code it *seems* to be an rather easy task to update the program.
jbniRe: IMDB Client with modern IMDB data?20110320 13:31  #3019

Unfortunately, every lead I've been able to find on the author to the program comes up dry. (In fact, they all lead to another person with the same name, living in the same area of Germany, oddly enough, but not the right guy.)

Oh well. I'll keep digging for contact info, I s'pose! Good idea, though.
SeverinRe: IMDB Client with modern IMDB data?20110320 14:12  #3021

That's only the first of many errors like that that crop up in that data now, I think you'll find the first one is caused by the entry for the simpsons, the biography page is over 32 or 64k (can't remember it was a long time ago I struggled with it). but iirc there is a sort of pre-parser on aminet that will delve into the data files and truncate the problem files. I can't remember if it fixes specific problems or just looks for things that are too big, hopefully the second or you'll be screwed :(
LiveForItRe: IMDB Client with modern IMDB data?20110320 20:40  #3035

Any open source linux clients? Whats done before can be done again.
jbniRe: IMDB Client with modern IMDB data?20110321 12:05  #3054

I'm not seeing anything like that in /misc/imdb (though it's possible I'm just blind.)

I did find another client called AMoviedb, but when I run it it just opens a CLI window telling me to use Addbuffers to set 400 to 600 buffers; the drive has 1000. (I tried reducing it and re-running; same error with 550 buffers.)

The unix tools I've found are command line and very simple. (Also very, very old.)

Wikipedia mentions that there's a Java interface for the .list files, but I can't find that anywhere.
LiveForItRe: IMDB Client with modern IMDB data?20110321 13:16  #3059

Forget Java, Open source C/C++ based client, GUI’s are easy to build around simple command line clients, complex application whit everything is often more problematic to port.

When you find something please submit your project to http://openamiga.org/ or http://www.amigabounty.net/

Last edited by LiveForIt at 20110321 13:19
abalabanRe: IMDB Client with modern IMDB data?20110322 09:22  #3092

I don't think you'll find many things. IMDB clients are now considered "useless" for most as Internet access developed and increased in speed.
More over in those days such a thing will always, by nature, be obsolete as such clients were based upon monthly snapshots of the database (remember such "clients" were in fact GUI upon local database and not a client to the remote server's database).

But anyway good luck in your search.
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