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xenicSAM Flex updates20110319 15:33
I just got around to updating my SAM Flex 800MZ to the latest UBoot. I then noticed that I never added the "pci-flex-update". Is pci-flex-update still needed with the new UBoot and if so, is it safe to add after the UBoot update? Is the Sam440ep_setup command still needed?
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amigo1Re: SAM Flex updates20110319 21:35  #3002

AFAIK UBoot update has nothing to do with PCI-flex-Update, nor has teh setup command. It's 3 distinct improvements.
The setup tool will allegedly be integrated in the next(?) OS update.

I read a post of Max Tretene on AW explaining it, but was not able to find it now.

xenicRe: SAM Flex updates20110320 03:56  #3011
Better safe than sorry so I thought I'd ask. Thanks for the answer.

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